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High-speed Surgical Drills


Powered by our multispecialty Integrated Power Console (IPC™ system), we offer two options for your otologic procedures:

Indigo Otologic Drill

Indigo Otologic Drill

Lightweight and small, the Indigo drill provides the power and performance you need for a wide range of otologic procedures. High-speed and ample torque for fast debulking of the mastoid

  • High-speed, ample torque for fast debulking of the mastoid
  • Straight and angled attachments
  • Improved surgical access and visibility in cramped spaces
  • Compatibility with a variety of Medtronic Xomed™ otology burs
  • Grooves on attachment nose for more stable irrigation

Visao High-Speed Otologic Drill

Visao High-Speed Otologic Drill, a Medtronic ENT instrument

The Visao high-speed otologic drill allows remarkable surgical visibility and access with patented curved burs that feature an outer, non-rotating tube design to help protect critical anatomy from mechanical injury. 

Visao is used in cochleostomies, even under direct vision, for draining a petrous apex cyst via an endaural, infracochlear approach, middle fossa acoustic neuromas, including opening the internal auditory canal, and reducing the scutum during a tympanoplasty.

  • Lightweight, ergonomic titanium exterior
  • Well-balanced, comfortable handpiece
  • Integrated water-cooling and low operating temperatures for long procedures

Application-Specific Burs

Curved Burs for Otology and Neurotology

Options include high-speed curved and straight burs in various shapes, sizes, and finishes.

  • Patented, curved bur design provides visibility and access during cochleostomies, middle fossa acoustic neuromas, and infralabyrinth approaches to the petrous apex
  • Outer, non-rotating tube on our curved burs protects critical anatomy from mechanical injury
  • Stim bur guard for the Visao drill provides advance warning of proximity to the facial nerve*
  • Legend stylus drills have interchangeable tools and attachments


Download ENT reimbursement coding guides and contact information. 


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Instructions for use for our powered ENT instruments are located in the Medtronic manuals library. You can search by product name, model number, or manual document number.


Nerve monitoring capability provided by our NIM-Response™ or NIM-Neuro™ nerve monitoring systems, models 2.0 and later. Must be used with IPC system and Visao high-speed otologic drill.