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Cranial Plating System

TiMesh Cranial Plating System

The TiMesh® system is a line of plates, screws and meshes for use in reconstructive neurosurgical procedures, such as cranial flap fixation. The TiMesh system is also indicated for use in reinforcing weak bony tissues in orthopedic surgical procedures.

Form, Fit, and Function

The simple to use TiMesh system offers a wide selection of plating options and features that address the needs of neurosurgeons and support staff:

  • Compact, modular case with a full selection of implants and instruments for standard neurosurgical applications
  • Modular, anodized aluminum screw caddy that provides a stable platform for screw engagement
  • Lids snap into place, reducing the opportunity for screw loss
  • Holds 84 standard screws and 24 rescue screws
  • Modular, ergonomic plate caddy that facilitates instrument-free access to plates
  • Unique, 1.6 mm Cruciate Self-Drilling Screw head design
  • Increased head retention while minimizing potential stripping
  • Aggressive tip and cutting flute
  • Standard screws available in lengths of 3.5 mm and 4.0 mm
  • High strength titanium alloy