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External Drainage and Monitoring System

Becker External Drainage and Monitoring System

The first fully-assembled, disposable external ventricle drainage system on the market.

About Becker EDMS

The Becker® External Drainage and Monitoring System is used to drain and monitor CSF flow from the patient’s lateral ventricles or the lumbar subarachnoid space to reduce intracranial pressure. The system can be used preoperatively, intraoperatively and postoperatively to monitor CSF chemistry, cytology and physiology, and to provide temporary CSF drainage.

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Becker EDMS Features

  • All inclusive, completely disposable drainage system, user friendly, easy to set up
  • Green- or blue-striped patient line
  • Hydrophobic/Anti-Microbial Vents on both the drip chamber and the replaceable collection bag
  • Special pressure tubing to prevent kinking or pinching off of flow
  • Laser Level Accessory, ensures accurate leveling to the patient every time
  • Small, detachable ClearSite Laser Level accessory also available
  • Attachment site for inexpensive, disposable pressure transducers, allows for affordable ICP monitoring
  • Two types of needle-less injection sites
  • Scale with mm of Hg and cm of water
  • Large, printed, easy to see numbers on scale
  • Instructions on back panel
  • Two-to-three sample points on system
  • Conical bottom on drip chamber
  • Large-volume bag
  • Removable bags

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