SureTune™ 4 software  

Our visualization tool uses imaging as a common language to provide a meaningful transfer of data from the implanting team to the patient management team. Patient-specific anatomy and lead location and orientation information can be pulled into the DBS Clinician Programmer.

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SureTuneTM 4 Software
The bridge between the operating room and programming

Visualize truly personalized therapy
Patient-specific anatomy segmentation tools

Use the Bardinet algorithm to automatically fit the YeB Atlas to a patient MRI T1 or T2 image. Manual segmentation tools allow further refinement if needed.

Automatic lead localization

Our validated tool allows you to automatically position and orient a lead model within a patient’s post-op CT or O-arm™ image.

Seamless integration

SureTune™ 4 software enables the creation of patient-specific anatomy and lead location and orientation which then can be pulled into the DBS Clinician Programmer for a visually informed programming session, helping to streamline your directional lead programming workflow.

Product collage of SenSight and Percept DBS solutions