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Midas Rex MR7

High-Speed Pneumatic Surgical Drills

Midas Rex MR7 Pneumatic Surgical Drills

The Midas Rex MR7 High-Speed Pneumatic Drills offer power and performance* for spine, cranial, ENT, orthopaedic, and other surgical procedures.

What it is

Midas Rex MR7 High-Speed Pneumatic Drills

  • Patented technology designed to deliver efficient performance
  • Precision design engineered and manufactured for quality and durability
  • Standardized platform so you can use your existing Legend® dissecting tools and attachments
  • Ergonomic enhancements to enable easy maneuvering in the operating room
  • An open foot-control design to allow for easy access and repositioning

See our Product Catalog for more about our pneumatic and electric handpieces.


Compared to Midas Rex Legend Gold® System.