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Midas Rex MR7

High-Speed Pneumatic Surgical Drills

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Legend Tools and Attachments for Midas Rex Electric and Pneumatic Surgical Drills

Legend Tools and Attachments for Midas Rex Pneumatic Drills

The Midas Rex® Legend system is a standardized platform that includes both pneumatic and electric Midas Rex motors and an intuitive line of Legend attachments, chucks, and tools for almost every surgical need. This single, versatile system reduces the amount of equipment in the operating room.

A broad range of standard and specialty Legend attachments fit both electric and pneumatic Midas Rex motors.

  • Feature a "snap, click, twist," 3-step, quick release system
  • Ergonomically designed and textured for grip and control
  • Large, easily read markings identify matching attachments and tools
  • Bold color-coding

Variable Exposure Attachments
Allow you to vary dissecting tool exposure for optimal visibility without changing surgical hand position. Variable Exposure Attachments allow adjustments in 1 mm increments without ever touching the tool. Straight and angled options are available in both small and large bore sizes.

Small Bore Attachments
Accommodate Legend 2.4 mm diameter tools

Large Bore Attachments
Accommodate Legend 3.2 mm diameter tools

Angled Attachments
With a tapered design to facilitate surgical visibility

Telescoping Attachments
Curved, straight, angled, and hooded options

Curved Burs with AquaWrap Technology
Provides visibility and access with our smallest shaft size, and up to a 20° shaft bend

Footed Attachments
Also referred to as craniotomes, footed attachments help provide protection for soft tissue when cutting through bone.

See our Product Catalog for a complete list of Legend tools and attachments, including measurements and details.

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Curved Burs


Our patented Curved Burs with AquaWrap technology help cool the shaft and feature the smallest shaft size of all our burs, with up to a 20-degree shaft bend.

Like our other interchangeable Legend tools and attachments, these curved burs work with our electric and pneumatic Midas Rex motors.

See our Product Catalog for sizes and configurations.