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Stealth-Midas System

Navigated Drilling in Spinal Surgical Procedures


The Stealth-Midas™ is a high-speed drill with a permanently attached tracker that allows for intraoperative navigation of spinal procedures using the StealthStation™ surgical navigation system.

Whether you choose electric (EM200N) or pneumatic (PM700N) power,  the Stealth-Midas system gives you instant feedback on the position of your Midas Rex™ dissecting tools during surgery.2


The Stealth-Midas System is indicated for the drilling, burring, and removal of hard tissue and bone in spinal surgical procedures. Computer-assisted surgery and its associated applications are intended as an aid for precisely locating anatomical structures in either open or percutaneous procedures. Their use is indicated for any medical condition in which the use of stereotactic surgery may be appropriate, and where reference to a rigid anatomical structure, such as a long bone, or vertebra, can be identified relative to a CT- or MR-based model, fluoroscopic images, or digitized landmarks of the anatomy.    

Integrated Navigation and Power

See more and plan more with the advanced imaging power of StealthStation. Stealth-Midas integrates seamlessly with StealthStation surgical navigation solutions and the O-arm™ surgical imaging system to give you instant feedback on the position of your Midas Rex dissecting tools with more detail and capabilities than ever before.

In conjunction with the StealthStation and O-arm, the Stealth-Midas System:

  • Gives you a more detailed view of the tool you’re using1
  • Allows you to create plans or add tool projections
  • Provides critical information when working through tubes or smaller retractors
  • Enables navigation during challenging open cases or in narrow areas of the spine
  • Eliminates the need to switch between drill and navigated probe during surgery
Visualization of Medtronic Stealth-Midas System during a cervical procedure.

Visualization of Medtronic Stealth-Midas System during a spinal procedure.


After a 1-step tool verification process, you’re ready to navigate Stealth-Midas labeled tools with the StealthStation. Just place the tip of your Stealth-Midas tool in the divot of the spine reference frame to get started.

Permanently Mounted Tracker

Lightweight and rear mounted, it minimizes disruption to ergonomics and visibility. 

Secondary Lock

Rotates to tighten connection between the attachment and motor to ensure navigation stays accurate throughout the case.


Find user guides for Stealth-Midas models in the Medtronic Manual Library. Search by product name (Stealth-Midas) or model number (Electric: EM200N; Pneumatic: PM700N). You may also call 800-961-9055 for a copy of a manual.


When compared to SureTrak.


Limited to Midas Rex tools labeled with “Stealth-Midas".