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Triton Powered Surgical Instrument System

for Spinal, Cranial, and Orthopaedic Surgery

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Medtronic offers additional products related to the Triton Powered Surgical Instrument System, including Midas Rex Microsaws as well as multispecialty pneumatic and electric surgical drills, motors, and instruments.

About Our Microsaws

Midas Rex Microsaws from Medtronic
  • Minimal vibration to improve control, prevent cracking of bone, and reduce hand fatigue*
  • Patented, integrated on-saw irrigation that stays in place
  • Foot or finger-controlled oscillating, sagittal, and reciprocating saws
  • Color-coded handpieces, blades, and connectors for easy set-up
  • Powered by the IPC® System

Microsaw Blades

  • Broad variety for many different procedures and multiple specialties
  • Easy attachment and removal of blades
  • Tiny "arms" on oscillating blades that prevent them from falling during attachment
  • Many blades are only 0.3 mm thick to minimize cut width
  • Manufactured to minimize breakage and not to dull prematurely
  • Teeth are laser cut – not stamped
  • Color-coded packaging matches handpieces, and connectors

Integrated On-Saw Irrigation

  • Adjustable and extendable nozzle directs flow precisely
  • Once clipped to the handpiece, the nozzle stays where you put it
  • Secure placement frees a hand for other uses

*Microsaw design validation test report "Handpiece is comfortable to hold, even for relatively long periods."

See our Product Catalog for more about our electric and pneumatic handpieces.

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Midas Rex MR7 Pneumatic Surgical Drills

Midas Rex MR7 High-Speed Surgical Drill from Medtronic

Our Midas Rex® MR7 High-Speed Surgical Drills offer power and performance* during a variety of cranial, ENT, spinal, and orthopaedic procedures.

The Midas Rex MR7 works with our comprehensive selection of interchangeable Midas Rex Legend® attachments and dissecting tools.

To accommodate surgeon preference, we offer both the foot-controlled Midas Rex MR7 and the finger-controlled Midas Rex MR7 Touch.

See our Product Catalog for more about our electric and pneumatic handpieces.

*Compared to Midas Rex Legend Gold System