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Solitaire™ x Revascularization Device Stent Retriever

solitaire x

Solitaire™ X is a new generation revascularization device with a unique parametric design, featuring an overlapping technology, providing physicians with improved delivery performance, effective clot retention and faster flow restoration timelines, designed to be deployed with a lower microcatheter profile, to provide expanded ease of delivery.

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React™ Aspiration Catheters


React™ catheter features an unique COil + BRAid design that provides the perfect balance between navigability and durability.

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Riptide™ Aspiration System


The Riptide™ aspiration system is designed to effectively restore blood flow via continuous aspiration in neurovascular procedures.

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Avigo™ Hydrophilic Guidewire


Avigo™ hydrophilic guidewire provides support for tracking, crossing and maintaining catheter stability.

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Cello™ Balloon Guide Catheter


Cello™ balloon guide catheter is intended to block blood flow inside the vessel during operations.

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Marksman™ Microcatheter


Marksman™ microcatheter solution features a stainless-steel braid design and a long length for symbiotic use with distal access catheters.

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Navien™ Intracranial Support Catheter


Navien™ A+ intracrancial support catheter is designed for versatile and controlled device delivery, minimal ovalization and optimal support.

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Phenom™ Catheters


Available in different sizes, Phenom™ can support various product deliveries for Neurovascular procedures.

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Rebar™ Microcatheter


Rebar™ Microcatheter robust construction with variable stiffness zones and lubricious hydrophilic outer coating helps track through tortuous vessels while providing superior pushability.

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vs. SOFIA™* Plus, Zoom™* 71, RED™* 72 and Vecta™* 71