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Solitaire™ X revascularization device 

solitaire x

The Solitaire™ X revascularization device, featuring a parametric design, restores blood flow and retrieves clots from occluded blood vessels in the brain for patients experiencing acute ischemic stroke (AIS) due to a large vessel occlusion (LVO).

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React™ catheter


The React™ catheter features a COil + BRAid (COBRA) design that provides the perfect balance between navigability and durability for restoring blood flow.1

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APRO™* 70 catheter


The APRO™* 70 catheter is an aspiration catheter designed for excellent trackability and kink-resistance that provides consistent aspiration to restore blood flow.2

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Riptide™ aspiration system


The Riptide™ aspiration system is designed to effectively restore blood flow via continuous aspiration in neurovascular procedures.

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Avigo™ hydrophilic guidewire


The Avigo™ hydrophilic guidewire provides support for tracking, crossing and maintaining catheter stability.3

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Cello™ balloon guide catheter


The Cello™ balloon guide catheter is indicated for use in facilitating the insertion and guidance of intravascular catheters into a selected blood vessel in the peripheral and neuro vascular systems.

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Marksman™ micro catheter


The Marksman™ micro catheter solution features a stainless-steel braid design and a long length for symbiotic use with distal access catheters.4

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Navien™ intracranial support catheter


The Navien™ intracranial support catheter features a design which allows device and micro catheter manipulation when using different device combinations.

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Phenom™ catheter


The Phenom™ family is a comprehensive deployment solution that offers a progressive design, providing proximal stability towards distal flexibility.

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Rebar™ micro catheter


The Rebar™ micro catheter robust construction with variable stiffness zones and lubricious hydrophilic outer coating helps track through tortuous vessels while providing superior pushability.5

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