StrataMR™ II Adjustable pressure valve

Designed for the treatment of hydrocephalus, the StrataMR™ II adjustable pressure valve offers simplicity, durability, and ease of use in implantation and adjustment — plus MRI resistance. 

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The future of hydrocephalus shunting

With you, we’re imagining, exploring, and delivering hydrocephalus and CSF flow treatments that may help your patients live a more carefree lifestyle.


Now your patients can have the valve design you love with MRI resistance, making it easier for you to treat and manage hydrocephalus and other CSF disorders.  


Available in regular and small valve sizes and various shunt configurations, you can choose the StrataMR II valve option that best fits your patients’ needs. 


The StrataMR II valve is designed to withstand unintended changes in performance level settings due to external magnetic influences — meaning peace of mind for you and your patients.

Product features

StrataMR II Adjuster Tool
StrataMR II Guider Tool
StrataMR II Locator Tool

Adjustment settings that work with you.

The StrataMR II valve four-tool adjustment system is designed with your workflow in mind. 

Five performance levels give you a comprehensive range of control so you can confidently adjust and verify your settings pre- and post-op. And there’s no need to reposition the patient since the tools are not dependent upon position.


StrataMR II valve performance characteristics

Chart showing pressure by flow rate for a patient in the horizontal position
Chart showing pressure by flow rate for a patient in the vertical position


MRI and magnetic resistance

StrataMR II MRI resistance walls are designed to keep the valve’s key from moving out of the prescribed performance level. Using the adjustment tool, the valve mechanism must be consecutively lifted then turned to change the performance level setting. The dual movement sequence facilitates the valve’s MRI resistance feature.

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