Vanta™ SCS neurostimulator  Recharge-free spinal cord stimulation

Vanta™ SCS gives you an advantage over pain. This revolutionary recharge-free device offers optimized longevity, DTM™ SCS endurance programming and unmatched MRI access.

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Your advantage
over pain

Learn about Vanta™ SCS.

Product details

High-performance recharge-free neurostimulator

Vanta™ SCS is a high-performance recharge-free device offering optimized longevity.

  • Approximately 2x longer lasting than other devices at comparable settings
  • 5½–7½ years of recharge-free longevity estimated using actual 12-month DTM™ SCS endurance therapy programming data1
Vanta Platform

DTM™ SCS endurance therapy

DTM™ SCS endurance therapy is an energy modified differential target multiplexed therapy offering meaningful pain relief, satisfaction, and quality of life improvements.2

Clinical evidence for DTM™ SCS endurance therapy2:

Meaningful pain reduction


cm reduction in VAS for overall
pain from baseline to 12-months

Quality of life improvements


of patients improved in degree
of disability at 12-months

Therapy satisfaction


of patients were
satisfied with therapy at 12-months

Unmatched full-body
MRI access

  • SureScan™ MRI technology allows MRI scans anywhere on the body enabling diagnostic care.
  • Provide patients the same access as non-implanted patients — now and in the future.
  • Shielded leads and proprietary device safeguards help patients safely get an MRI.
  • Access matters — 98% of patients are expected to need at least 1 MRI within 10 years of implant.3

Creating connections

The Medtronic adaptor extension connects with certain Boston Scientific or Nevro leads. This enables patients with existing leads to gain access to meaningful pain relief with DTM™ SCS endurance therapy offered with recharge-free convenience on Vanta™  INS.

Product specifications

Compatible with:

  • MyStim™ PC smart patient therapy app model A72200
  • Clinician programmer model CT900 with software app A71200 and trialing app A71300
  • 16-electrode Specify™ SureScan™ MRI surgical leads
  • Vectris™ SureScan™ MRI percutaneous leads
  • Injex™ anchoring system models 97791 and 97792

Model specifications

Model 977006 
Channels 2
Width 1.1 cm (.44in) 
Battery Type Recharge-free 

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U.S. clinician services

†  Under specific conditions. Refer to product labeling for full list of conditions. Patients with non-Medtronic leads and an EMBSNV20 adaptor extension are not eligible for an MRI.

‡ Settings used from Proclaim™ clinician manual. Nominal settings 12 hours per day: 50-Hz frequency. 225-μs pulse width, and 5-mA amplitude at 500-ohms impedance. Energy modeling is the same for model 3660 and model 3670. Settings from Boston Scientific's Alpha™ IFU. Programmed at 4.1mA, 280us. 40Hz. 1 area, 730 Ohms, 2 contacts.


Provenzano, Amirdelfan, Grewal, et al. Modeling the Impact of a Differential Target Multiplexed Derivative on Rechargeable and Recharge-Free Spinal Cord Stimulation Systems. Poster presented at: American Society of Pain & Neuroscience (ASPN) 5th Annual Conference: July 13-16, 2023; Miami Beach, FL.


Peacock, Provenzano, Fishman, et al. Long-Term Clinical Outcomes of a Low-Energy Derivative Study of Differential Target Multiplexed™ Spinal Cord Stimulation. Poster presented at: North American Neuromodulation Society (NANS) 26th Annual Meeting; Jan 12-15, 2023; Las Vegas, NV.


Desai MJ, Hargens LM, Breitenfeldt MD, et al. The rate of magnetic resonance imaging in patients with spinal cord stimulation. Spine. 2015;40(9):E531–537