SPINAL SURGERY IMAGING O-arm™ Surgical Imaging System


Picture your surgical environment. Picture a surgical imaging system that:

  • Provides you with real-time images
  • Adapts to your surgical workflows
  • Moves fluidly in your OR
  • Exceeds your expectations

The O-arm™ system’s high quality, versatile imaging provides the information you need to guide your clinical decision making.


The O-arm™ system has been designed to complement your surgical workflow with:

  • Multiple surgical table options
  • Inter-room mobility for concurrent cases
  • On-demand imaging, no need to schedule in advance
  • Robotic controls for repeatable precise gantry orientation

The O-arm™ system also offers options for workflow efficiencies, including:

  • In procedures where pre-op axial/coronal/sagittal slice data is necessary, it may be possible to use the O-arm™ system to provide the initial data set
  • Options to improve efficiencies by not requiring the OR to be held while the patient is being scanned in radiology


2D & 3D Scan Options:

2D Scan: Utilized for localization, real-time anatomical updates and verification 


The O-arm™ system provides the StealthStation™ real-time 3D intraoperative images. You are navigating your patient’s anatomy with instant visual feedback of instrument localization.


The O-arm™ system’s automatic registration with the StealthStation™ provides an integrated and simple process to enable surgical navigation.


Working together, the O-arm™ and StealthStation™ systems eliminate the need to wear lead protective apparel during the navigated steps of the procedure.


The O-arm™ system offers multiple protocols and manual adjustment to ensure you are getting the right image at the right dose.

2D Scan

O-arm system imaging of cervical fusion confirmation.

O-arm™ system confirmation of cervical fusion

2D Scan

O-arm system imaging of cervicothoracic junction confirmation registration.

O-arm™ system confirmation of cervicothoracic junction registration

3D Scan: Axial, coronal, and sagittal slice data to provide an expanded view of the patient's anatomy.

3D Scan
3D Scan

2D Long Film:

Designed to provide clinicians with coronal and sagittal long films to assess initial patient alignment and intra-operative corrections relative to their surgical goals.​​

Low Dose Mode​:

A dose mode that provides a 50% reduction in dose from the standard O-arm mode.*​

Standard Mode

Standard Mode

Low Dose Mode

Low Dose mode

High Definition (HD):​

Provides improved image quality for more challenging patient anatomies, such as the cervical thoracic junction and pelvis.

Multiple Field of View​:​

Multiple Field of view offers the surgeon the option to choose from either 15cm x20cm or 15cm x40cm axial views enabling solutions for orthopedic trauma ​procedures.

Multiple Field


The O-arm™ system has been designed to complement a surgeon’s surgical workflow with its patented breakable gantry.

Workflow Features Include:

  • Lateral access to the patient:
    • Surgical Table Flexibility
    • Inter-room mobility for concurrent cases
    • On-demand imaging, no need to schedule in advance
  • Internal Imaging Chain (No collision check required)
  • Robotic controls for repeatable precise gantry orientation
  • Ability to confirm surgical goals are met, intra operatively

Here’s how the O-arm™ can work in your OR!


Seamless integration with Medtronic’s StealthStation™ Navigation System through automatic registration.

The O-arm™ Imaging System provides the StealthStation™ with real-time 3D intra-operative images so you can navigate your patient’s anatomy while receiving instant visual feedback.

Axial, coronal, sagittal and oblique slide data of patient's anatomy.

You need 3D slice data. You need 2D fluoroscopy. You know your surgical needs. You know your procedure. We can help.

2D Imaging

For localization, real-time anatomical updates, and verification.

3D Imaging

Axial, coronal, sagittal, and oblique slice data give you an expanded view of your patient’s anatomy.


View your patient’s image data while they are still on the surgical table. Be assured that your surgical goals are met.