StealthStation S8™ Surgical navigation system

StealthStation™ S8 is a surgical navigation system that precisely locates anatomical structures in neurosurgical procedures.

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Track the location of surgical instruments throughout a procedure

The StealthStation™ S8 navigation system introduces the most advanced version of Stealth technology — a combination of hardware, software, tracking algorithms, image data merging, and specialized instruments — to help guide you during surgical procedures. It enables clear visualization and surgical navigation of the cranium.

Imagine what you can do with a fully connected OR.

StealthStation™ S8 is part of the AiBLE™ surgical suite.

Plan, execute, and analyze your spinal and cranial procedures with a fully connected, seamlessly integrated suite of surgical technologies from Medtronic. 

Product details

The visualization you need for your most challenging procedures

The StealthStation™ surgical navigation system offers both optical and electromagnetic (EM) tracking capabilities, integration with external devices like microscopes, a broad array of instrument offerings, and core software applications for neurosurgery including:

  • Tumor resections
  • Cranial biopsies
  • General ventricular catheter placement
  • Pediatric ventricular catheter placement
  • Depth electrode, lead, and probe placement
  • General localization

Stealth™ planning

Stealth™ planning allows you to view patient images, merge and manipulate scans, build fiber tracts, and plan procedures before entering the operating room (OR).

  • Better visualization with easier manipulation of 2-D and 3-D views and intuitive layering and blending tools2
  • Improved planning process with model building tools so you can get more out of the data

Interact with the Stealth™ planning station as if you were sitting in front of it.

  • Access, create, edit, review plans and models while away from the hospital, then transfer the session to the OR StealthStation™.
  • Use hospital’s choice of virtual network computing (VNC) client.
Virtual network computing (VNC)

Capabilities of the StealthStation™ navigation system

  • Interfaces with intraoperative imaging systems, including iMRI , iCT, C-arms, and the O-arm™ surgical imaging system to orient surgeons with 3-D images of the patient’s anatomy
  • Tracks surgical instruments in real time, based on preoperative and intraoperative images
  • Relays movements of instrumentation relative to patient anatomy via optical or electromagnetic navigation options
  • Helps guide your planning and approach prior to and during surgery, allowing you to create, store, and simulate progression along one or more surgical trajectories
  • Integrates with external devices like endoscopes and microscopes, streamlining visualization workflows

StealthStation™ system technologies

Dual cart Stealth™ S8 system design

Interact with the StealthStation™ surgical navigation system through two large, 27-inch, high-definition, touchscreen monitors, providing ultimate flexibility in interacting with the system.

  • Two electromagnetic emitter designs, each with large tracking volumes.

Streamlined workflows in the OR

Touchscreen interface of StealthStation™ S8

Surgeon uses StealthStation™ S8 touchscreen
StealthStation™ S8 in cranial surgery

Connectivity in the OR

  • Wireless connectivity to hospital and medical devices, allowing the import and export of exams from virtually anywhere within the hospital network
  • Automatic patient registration with the O-arm™ imaging system
  • Integrating with Midas Rex drill technology, Stealth Autoguide robotic solution, O-arm imaging system, and microscopes


Each customer can define the level of security for user authentication, antivirus protection, encryption, and firewall protection.


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