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Medtronic Allograft Tissue covers surgical procedures in spinal, orthopedic, sports medicine, and dental applications — literally from head to toe. Our bone graft options span osteoinduction, cell promotion, and cell enhancements to cell delivery, resulting in fusion success. We offer a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and delivery methods — all to meet your surgical needs. Below are some Allograft Tissue resources you may need to download.

Medtronic Eatontown Facility Quality Certifications

SGT Tissue Licenses and Registration

FDA Documents - 510(k) Letters

  • K043048 GRAFTON Plus™ DBM Paste510k for Spine-Ortho
  • K042707 GRAFTON Plus™ DBM Paste 510k for Cranio-Maxillofacial
  • K051195 GRAFTON™ DBM (Gel, Flex, Matrix, Putty, Crunch, Orthoblend) 510k for Spine-Ortho
  • K051188 GRAFTON™ DBM (Gel, Flex, Matrix, Putty, Crunch) 510k for Cranio-Maxillofacial
  • K082615 GRAFTON™ II eDBM 510k

Follow these instructions to download a copy:
- Under “device” name -enter “Grafton"
- Select appropriate 510(k) number from list above
- Select “summary” to download a copy

Community tissue Services & rti

Follow instructions below to download a copy



AATB Website:

  • In “bank search” field: type vendor name
  • Select vendor profile: accreditation number & expiration date provided
  • There also is “US map search”
  • Select region from map
  • Select certification vendor from list
  • Select “show pdf version” to download a copy this will provide: Accreditation number, expiration date, approvals

*If you require further information please contact, or by phone: 703-229-1020

Other Resources