LigaPASS™ 2.0
spinal system

LigaPASS™ 2.0 is a spinal system that offers connection and correction options for spinal deformity pathologies.

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LigaPASS™ band threaded through a band connector


A dedicated option for spinal deformity-specific pathologies

For adult and pediatric cases

The LigaPASS™ 2.0 system is designed to help achieve a well-balanced spine in three planes: coronal, sagittal, and axial when screws, hooks, or wires cannot be placed.

LigaPASS™ 2.0 spinal system offers a broad range of four band connectors with two band options tailored to help meet various clinical needs.

Closed-design connector

Closed design for
correction maneuvers 

Low profile design connector

Low-profile design for
neuromuscular deformities

Open design connector

Open design for existing
construct connection

Parallel ligament design connector

Parallel ligament design for
ligament augmentation


The LigaPASS™ 2.0 system of band connectors offer sublaminar, transverse process, and spinous process fixation in the thoracic and/or lumbar spine.

LigaPASS™  in spinal anatomy


LigaPASS™ 2.0 system connectors and bands may be used in posterior spinal constructs in conjunction with UNiD™ patient-specific implants and CD Horizon™ Solera™ 5.5/6.0mm spinal system, which offers a variety of implant options for spinal deformity correction.

LigaPASS™  and instrumentation in spinal anatomy

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