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Midas Rex Spine Shaver SC1 Handpiece


The Midas Rex® Spine Shaver SC1 handpiece offers power, performance, and versatility for spinal procedures. Using patented Medtronic shaver technology, this innovative, powered handpiece helps improve intraoperative functionality and precision when incising or removing tissue.

The Midas Rex Spine Shaver allows you to rotate only the tip of the blade during surgery, and features a unique precision finger wheel for controlling blade tip rotation. Integrated suction-irrigation helps keep the surgical site clear while you operate. Additionally, the sculpted shape of the handpiece accommodates multiple hand positions and provides ergonomic comfort for surgeons with large or small hands.

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Power Console

Integrated Power Console (IPC System)

Integrated Power Console for Spine Shaver Nucleus Removal Set

The IPC is indicated for cutting, removal, drilling, and sawing of soft and hard tissue, bone, and biomaterials. An intuitive user-interface aids in quick set-up and making proper cable connections.


Powers up to 4 Medtronic handpieces at once

  • Midas Rex Legend EHS Drill
  • Midas Rex Legend EHS Stylus Drill
  • Midas Rex Legend EHS Stylus Touch Drill
  • Midas Rex Microsaws
  • Midas Rex Spine Shaver
  • Triton High-Torque Handpiece
  • Indigo High-Speed Otologic Drill
  • Visao High-Speed Otologic Drill
  • Skeeter Otologic Drill
  • Endo-Scrub 2 Lens Cleaning Sheaths
  • Straightshot M4 Microdebrider
  • Powerease Handpiece

Flexible, On-drill Irrigation

  • Two integrated pumps
  • Disposable Intelliflow remote allows precise flow control from sterile field
  • Snap-on cassette so tubing passes perfectly through pump
  • Inner diameter of tubing allows continuous flow, even at low flow rates
  • IV pole mount

Multifunction foot pedals

  • 2 styles: wide-angle accessibility or front accessibility
  • Optional splitter for simultaneous connection of two foot controls
  • Three buttons provide maximum control
  • Hoop locks firmly in place, and collapses easily for storage
  • Non-slip, compact design ideal for the OR
  • Pedal rises to optimum angle

Nucleus Removal Blades