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Infinity OCT System

Simplifying Complex Cervical Fusion Procedures


Efficiency Plus Refinement

Depend on the versatility and utility of Infinity™ occipitocervical upper thoracic (OCT) system to simplify even the most complex of cervical fusion procedures.

This system combines a complete platform refresh of the core implants and instruments with a full suite of enabling solutions and streamlined surgical technique. It brings procedural efficiency to posterior cervical fusion procedures.

Because posterior cervical fusion procedures should be easier.

Infinity implants

Implants for easy construct connections

Infinity tools

The right tools for small spaces

Infinity Enabled Solutions

Fully enabled procedures


The INFINITY™ OCT System is intended to provide immobilization and stabilization of spinal segments as an adjunct to fusion for the following acute and chronic instabilities of the craniocervical junction, the cervical spine (C1 to C7), and the thoracic spine from T1-T3:

 Traumatic spinal fractures and/or traumatic dislocations.

  • Instability or deformity.
  • Failed previous fusions (e.g. pseudarthrosis).
  • Tumors involving the cervical spine.
  • Degenerative disease, including intractable radiculopathy and/or myelopathy, neck and/or arm pain of discogenic origin as confirmed by radiographic studies, and degenerative disease of the facets with instability


Along with the benefits of this technology, there are also potential risks. Risks associated with the INFINITY™ OCT System include, but are not limited to:

  • Disassembly, bending, and/or breakage of any or all of the components
  • Pressure on the skin from the component parts which could cause skin penetration, irritation, and/or pain, tissue or nerve damage, and/or scar formation


Implants Designed for Easy Construct Connections

  • Improved visibility and line-of-sight with reduced length and lower profile
    instrument designs*
  • Multiple screwdriver options with improved driver/screw engagement*
  • Efficiency and functionality built into taps, rod reducers, and rod benders
  • Enhanced final tightening experience
  • Expanded set of tools designed to address the challenging anatomy of the occipitocervical junction*
Various sizes of multi-axial set screws at up to 60 degree angles

Multi-Axial Screw
Up to 60⁰ of angulation in ANY direction

Graphic of rods varying in diameter size and materials.

Full Spectrum of Rod Diameters and Materials
Accommodating various spinal applications and construction demands

Rods, screws, and plates

Versatility at the CT Junction
Simplifying the complex, including the cervical thoracic junction

Crosslink Connector, integrated connector set screw, and locking set screw

Optimized Connecting Components
Versatility with simplified assembly

Drill guides in various sizes

Refined Navigated Instruments
Designed for the posterior cervical upper thoracic working space

Navigated drill guide, taps, and driver integrated with the PowerEase system

Powerease Compatible
Navigated drills, taps, and drivers integrated with Powerease™ system

Magnifuse Demineralized Bone Matrix

Biologics that Empower
Biologics for short-construct and long-construct, for containment and packability


Monitor and sensors for the early warning detection system

NIM Integration

Compatibility with the NIM-ECLIPSE system, which provides real-time intraoperative monitoring to provide immediate warning of potential harm to critical neural pathways.



Find this technical manual in the Medtronic Manual Library, in the product labeling supplied with each device, or by calling Medtronic at 800-961-9055.


As compared to Vertex SelectTM Reconstruction System.