CD Horizon™ ModuLeX™ 5.5
spinal system
Fully-enabled rod and modular screw system for posterior lumbar fixation

Backed by 20+ years of proven CD Horizon™ technology, the ModuLeX™ 5.5 spinal system offers improved in-situ visualization, intra-operative flexibility, and procedural efficiencies, allowing you to complete posterior lumbar fixation procedures with confidence.

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Visualize the outcome

Procedural efficiency
you can see

  • Robotic-assisted guidance with the Mazor X™ system
  • Preoperative planning and visualization of the procedure with StealthStation™ navigation
  • Enhanced visualization with titanium screw shank and tulip
  • Increased visualization of patient anatomy and graft site compared to preassembled screw with versatile access instruments and modular tulip assembly, in-situ
  • Adaptable to both open or minimally invasive mini-open approaches to treat degenerative procedures with ModuLeX™ 5.5 screw technology 
ModuLeX articulated screw

Modular solutions designed for operative flexibility

  • One size modular tulip
  • Compatible with the full CD Horizon™ 5.5mm rod options
  • Up to 50° (cone) of angulation between the head/tulip and shank assembly with the ATS screw, in-situ
  • Up to 54° (cone) of angulation between the head/tulip and the shank assembly with cortical screw, in-situ

Strength in the connection

  • The patented locking mechanism offers one-way secure modular shank and tulip connection.
  • A “one-way” connection provides confidence in connection assembly and construct stability.
  • The CD Horizon™ ModuLeX™ 5.5 construct provides comparable strength and stability compared to a CD Horizon™ Legacy™ spinal system.1

Product details

ModuLeX™ solid blade and hand-drop blade

Blade features

Attachment friction connection

Attachment friction connection
  1. Teeth: Features "arc" cut-out at distal end for facet clearance
  2. Solid blade: Carbon fiber
  3. Hand-drop blade: Titanium alloy
  4. Minimizes radiographic obstruction and enables hand-drop maneuver
    • 25mm lateral offset
  5. Allows for medial/lateral and cephalad/caudal instrument angulation
    • 15°-37° medial/lateral
    • 5°-22° cephalad/caudal
  6. Friction connection of attachments: Allows for in situ customization of leg height based on wound depth


Screw-based distraction

Various options for distracting off the shank (See figures 7, 8, and 9)

Lasso attachment

Flexible cable accommodates difficult trajectories (See figure 9)

Five shank head attachment options for distraction

Anatomical based distraction

Various options for distracting off the anatomy (See figures 10 and 11)

  • Spinous process attachment
  • Lamina attachment

Modular solutions designed for operative flexibility

Shank diameters
in 1mm increments
Shank lengths
in 5mm increments
4.5mm magenta 30mm – 40mm
5.5mm green 30mm – 50mm
6.5mm blue 30mm – 55mm
7.5mm yellow 30mm – 65mm

Surgical site illumination

Compatible with scintillant bent tip or quadrant bent tip lightsource for illumination of surgical site.
(See figure 12)

ModuLex blades retract anatomy to offer visualization of the spine

Modular rack

Table mount attachment
(See figures 13)

ModuLeX modular rack with adjustment components

Toe out

Facilitate distal retraction without additional incision
(See figures 14)

Toe-out retraction

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Based on internal testing per ASTM 1798