MazorTM Robotic guidance system

The Mazor™ robotic guidance system combines surgical navigation with pre- and interoperative planning so you can perform spinal surgery more efficiently.

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Predictability. Precision. Visibility.

Mazor™ makes it efficient and intuitive to plan and simulate your cages and screws for a more efficient procedure. The automatic recognition feature allows you to visualize spinal elements in relation to one another, and an enhanced interface delivers fast and seamless access.

Product details

The power of Midas Rex™

The Midas Rex™ MR8™, and Stealth-Midas™ high speed drill systems are fully integrated throughout your Mazor™ procedure.

Midas Rex™ Mazor™ attachments and tools

Starting with pilot hole creation and advancing into bone removal, Midas Rex™ Mazor™ attachments and tools are designed to minimize the potential for skiving at speeds of up to 75,000 rpm. 

Stealth Midas™ drill system

Stealth Midas™ high-speed drill system has a permanently attached tracker that allows for the intraoperative navigation and real-time visualization of the Midas™ tool. It also features a locking mechanism that rotates to tighten the connection between the attachment and the motor to ensure navigation stays accurate throughout the case.

Pilot hole creation utilizing a specialized twist drill tool with Midas Rex™ Mazor™ attachments

Close-up of navigated Midas Rex with Mazor drills and attachments

Bone removal utilizing a specialized acorn drill tool with Midas Rex™ Mazor™ attachments


Stealth-Midas™ freehand navigation



The strength of Mazor™

Predictability. Precision. Visibility.

Mazor™ planning is a robust preoperative planning software that allows the surgeon to visualize and optimize spinal elements in relation to one another with automatic anatomy recognition. It utilizes an enhanced interface that delivers a fast and seamless access to plan and simulate a variety of planning elements — planning is now more efficient and intuitive than ever.

  • Patient alignment
  • Patient specific rods (UNiD™ rod integration)
  • Pedicle screws
  • Interbody cages
  • Osteotomies
  • Facet decortication
  • Skin incisions
  • Bone mount options

The confidence of access and interbody navigation

Visualize the reach of your disc prep and interbody placement instruments throughout the procedure without the use of intraoperative fluoroscopy.

Navigated disc prep instruments

Navigated disc prep instruments

Navigated Catalyft™ PL40 inserter


Confirmation of interbody placement

Screen visualization showing confirmation of interbody placement.

Imagine what you can do with a fully connected surgical suite

Mazor™ robotic guidance system is part of the AiBLE™ surgical suite

Plan, execute, and analyze your spinal and cranial procedures with a fully connected, seamlessly integrated suite of surgical technologies from Medtronic. 

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Procedural workflows

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Disclaimer: The evidence reported here refers to various Mazor™ robotic guidance system generations that share Mazor™ core technology.