O-arm™ Surgical imaging system

The O-arm™ surgical imaging system offers on-demand imaging, robotic positioning, and device mobility for spinal and neurological procedures.

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Procedure-specific workflows for the information you need

The O-arm™ imaging system is an interoperative 2-D/3-D imaging device that can help confirm alignment and accuracy during spinal procedures. 

Because you can determine positioning before the operation ends, the O-arm™ may help improve the chances of a successful procedure without the need for reoperation.

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Plan, execute, and analyze your spinal and cranial procedures with a fully connected, seamlessly integrated suite of surgical technologies from Medtronic. 

Enhanced 3-D visibility with O-arm™
and StealthStation™

The O-arm™ system automatically registers with the StealthStation™ system providing an integrated and simple process to enable enhanced 3-D visibility. This integration provides real-time patient feedback within the operating room (OR), facilitating advanced surgical techniques such as minimally invasive surgery.

O-arm™ imaging system and the StealthStation™ S8 navigation system in use during a spine procedure

Elevate spine surgery with O-arm™ and Mazor™ robotics

Go beyond individual pedicle trajectory guidance to complete spine construct design by intraoperatively planning and executing spinal robotic cases with the Mazor™ robotics scan-and-plan workflow using the O-arm™ system.

Mazor™ robotic guidance and O-arm™ imaging system in use

Get the image clarity you deserve without any compromises to your surgical workflow.

Superior image quality

With the ability to perform both 2-D and 3-D scans, the O-arm™ generates exceptional and versatile images that assist in surgical planning, validate accurate placement during procedures, and facilitate post-operative positioning evaluation.

Gain confidence across the entire spinal procedural range with the O-arm™ system’s superior imaging volume and power:

  • Obtain highly detailed images with a full 360-degree rotation around the patient.
  • Image a patient’s entire pelvis with a wide 40 cm field of view.
  • Accommodate challenging procedures involving heavier patients or individuals with unique anatomical characteristics using the O-arm™ system’s powerful generator.
O-Arm thoracic cervical imaging

Clarify with 2-D long film

Achieve consistent image clarity up to 43 cm in length with coronal and sagittal long films. 

Left x-ray
Right x-ray

Reduce exposure with 2-D long film.

Compared to stitched fluoroscopic images, 2-D long film reduces radiation exposure across patients of all habitus.*1

O-arm™ long film compared to stitched fluoroscopy film

Ensure uninterrupted operating room workflow

Table flexibility

Lateral patient access provides flexibility in surgical table preferences.

Support concurrent cases

Simultaneously support concurrent cases with a motorized system that can easily move between operating rooms.

Support concurrent cases

On-demand imaging

Eliminate the necessity of sending patients to radiology for scanning in procedures that require pre-operative axial, coronal, or sagittal slice data.

Standard workflow in an OR compared to O-arm workflow

Limit dose, maximize outcomes

Get dose protocols to match your clinical objectives.

The O-arm™ system provides flexibility for surgeons to achieve an as-low-as-reasonably-achievable (ALARA) dose. Multiple image protocols allow the surgeon flexibility to choose the appropriate dose for the patient based on individual clinical objectives.

Two low-dose spinal films

Preview your shot.

Minimize 2-D exposure by previewing the field of view to assess whether or not the desired anatomy is effectively captured.

O-arm™ field of view preview films for spine

Potentially eliminate wearing lead-protective apparel.

With opportunities to reduce the dose to the surgeon and staff, the O-arm™ and StealthStation™ systems may potentially eliminate the need to wear lead protective apparel during the navigated steps of the procedure.

O-arm™ S8 spine product portfolio


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The dose associated with the fluoroscopic stitched images is highly variable and depends on the duration of the exposure, the number of images used to form the stitched image, and the technique factor (normal versus boost). For this study, fluoroscopic exposures were limited to approximately three seconds, which was sufficiently long enough to stabilize the technique factor.


Based on the O-arm™ O2 4.2.0 clinical equivalence validation report.