StealthStation™ S8  Surgical navigation system

StealthStation™ S8 is a surgical navigation system that precisely locates anatomical structures in open or percutaneous neurosurgical and spine procedures.

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Track the location of surgical instruments throughout a procedure

Deliver more precise spinal surgery with the StealthStation™ S8 navigation system — the most advanced version of real-time instrument tracking relative to patient anatomy. Guide your planning approach prior to and during surgery by simulating progression along surgical trajectories in every segment of the spine. 

Imagine what you can do with a fully connected OR.

StealthStation™ S8 is part of the AiBLE™ surgical suite.

Plan, execute, and analyze your spinal and cranial procedures with a fully connected, seamlessly integrated suite of surgical technologies from Medtronic. 

One seamless solution

StealthStation™ seamlessly integrated with the broad portfolio of more than 300 navigated instruments from Medtronic that cover the full procedural range.

Stealth-Midas™ MR8™ integration

Achieve smooth, precise bone cutting when navigating the Stealth-Midas™ MR8™ high-speed drill system with StealthStation™.

Stealth-Midas™ MR8 high-speed drill

Less manual work with the Powerease™ drill

Experience a remarkable 95%* reduction in workload compared to manual screw insertion using the Powerease™ system.

Powerease™ drill

Instrument set up

Easily calibrate the large portfolio of navigated instrumentation from Medtronic, including probes, awls, taps, and drivers.

Interbody navigation

Facilitate disc space preparation in both posterior and lateral approaches using navigated disc-prep instrumentation, including trials, inserters, and shavers. Select from a variety of interbody options depending on your surgical approach and technique.

Mazor™ monitor

Referencing options

Choose from a variety of spine referencing sets, including a percutaneous option and a spinous process clamp.

Spine referencing set

Rapid registration

On-demand imaging with the StealthStation™ and O-arm™ systems

Begin navigating immediately using registered data from the O-arm™ system’s automatic registration with the StealthStation™ system.

Flexible registration methods

Orient surgeons in both 2-D and 3-D images of the patient’s anatomy with flexible registration methods across multiple intraoperative imaging systems, including iMRI, iCT, C-arms, and the O-arm™ surgical imaging system.

Surgeons using tools and surgical imaging

Comprehensive case coverage

With the StealthStation™ S8 surgical navigation system, you can confidently handle a comprehensive range of spine procedures, including:

  • Spine decompression or fusion (including, but not limited to ACDF, ALIF PLIF, TLIF, cortical screw placement)
  • Spinal or pelvic fixation including, but not limited to SI fixation; placement of occipital pedicle, cortical, and facet screws; and fixation for scoliosis, kyphosis, or other deformity
  • Treatment for spinal or sacral trauma including, but not limited to, vertebroplasty and sacroplasty
  • Intuitive user interface with two touchscreen monitors that support multitouch gestures like pinch-and-zoom and drag-and-drop1
  • Better visualization with easier manipulation of 2-D and 3-D views and intuitive layering and blending tools2
  • Single or dual cart configurations for greater flexibility3

Capabilities of the StealthStation™ navigation system

  • Interfaces with intraoperative imaging systems, including iMRI , iCT, C-arms, and the O-arm™ surgical imaging system, to orient surgeons with both 3-D and 2-D images of the patient’s anatomy
  • Tracks surgical instruments in real time, based on preoperative and intraoperative images
  • Relays movements of instrumentation relative to patient anatomy via optical or electromagnetic navigation options
  • Helps guide your planning and approach prior to and during surgery, allowing you to create, store, and simulate progression along one or more surgical trajectories

Dual cart Stealth™ S8 system design

Interact with the StealthStation™ surgical navigation system through two large, 27-inch, high-definition, touchscreen monitors, providing ultimate flexibility in interacting with the system.

Dual StealthStation™ S8 monitors

  • Ample storage space for patient examinations with a one terabyte solid-state drive
  • Fast performance and image manipulation with 16 GB of RAM memory
  • Flexibility in positioning and addressing line-of-sight issues using an optical camera with a large tracking volume

Streamlined workflows in the OR

Immerse yourself in the effortless usability of the touchscreen interface offered by the StealthStation™ S8 system.

Surgeon uses Mazor™ touchscreen in the OR

StealthStation™ touchscreen in OR

Connectivity in the OR

  • Wireless connectivity to hospital and medical devices, allowing the import and export of exams from virtually anywhere within the hospital network
  • Automatic patient registration with the O-arm imaging system
  • Operating system adapts to any 16:9 aspect ratio, with resolutions up to full HD 1920 x 1080 and display on multiple screens in the OR
  • Digital and analog output, allowing integration


Each customer can define the level of security for user authentication, antivirus protection, encryption, and firewall protection.


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Based on biomechanical testing.


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