Kyphon VuE™ cement is a quick-to-dough, high-viscosity radiopaque PMMA cement with augmented barium particles, which allow increased fluoroscopic visualization of cement flow for vertebral augmentation procedures.

With Kyphon VuE™ visually enhanced bone cement, you can see the cement flow with clarity and control cement injection with confidence.

Key benefits

Enhanced flow visualization1 means that you can control cement injection precision and better monitor possible cement leakage based on the patient’s anatomy and fracture.2,3

Enhanced visibility1

Lower risk
of cement leakage2,3

More confidence

More efficiency1-4

Compared to our non-visually enhanced bone cement, Kyphon VuE™ offers:

  • Better visualization of cement flow1
  • Lower rate of cement extravasation2,3
  • Confidence to control cement injection
  • The familiar handling properties of Xpede™ cement with the confidence to control the cement flow support optimal procedure efficiency.1–4

Cadaveric and bench testing may not be indicative of clinical results.

Kyphon VuE™ cement flowing through the bony anatomy

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Indications for use

Kyphon VuE™ bone cement is indicated for the treatment of pathological fractures of the vertebral body due to osteoporosis, cancer, or benign lesions using a cementoplasty (i.e., kyphoplasty or vertebroplasty) procedure. It is also indicated for the fixation of pathological fractures of the sacral vertebral body or ala using sacral vertebroplasty or sacroplasty. Cancer includes multiple myeloma and metastatic lesions, including those arising from breast or lung cancer, or lymphoma. Benign lesions include hemangioma and giant cell tumor. Pathological fracture may include a symptomatic microfracture (as documented by appropriate imaging and/or presence of a lytic lesion) without obvious loss of vertebral body height.


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