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Ambulatory surgery center (ASC)

Set your ASC apart with our dedicated team of experts and solutions. Backed by clinical and economic evidence, Medtronic offers a comprehensive portfolio of products and services — from patient access support to medical education and practice development tools.

Office-Based labs

Choose an office-based labs partner that covers the procedures you perform.

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Medtronic care management services

Focus your care on at-risk patients with actionable insights from our remote patient monitoring solutions. Together, we can help reduce the cost of care¹ and improve outcomes² for patients with complex, chronic, co-morbid conditions.

Medtronic healthcare consulting

We leverage broad and deep healthcare expertise to drive change and help positively impact your service lines.

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Reclaim time on the
medical-surgical floor

Your time matters. Learn how to improve workflows, avoid disruptions, decrease response times, reduce stress, and improve patient care. Discover time-saving innovations that can help you get your time back.

Cerebral oximetry monitoring

Cerebral oximetry helps you detect desaturation, intervene promptly, and improve patient outcomes. Review clinical evidence and learn about reversing cerebral desaturation with cerebral oximetry-guided care and interventions.

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Manage neonatal stressors

Learn about identifying neonatal stressors and reducing their effects in the NICU. Recognize the signs of stress, types of stressors, and understand their impact. Discover product solutions and resources to help you improve care for neonatal patients.

ICU early mobility

Implementing early mobility in the ICU can be challenging. Learn how to overcome barriers, manage ICU mobilization, and bring the benefits of early mobility to your ICU — including reduced length of stays and reduced costs.

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Ventilator Weaning Management

Improve ventilator weaning management and improve outcomes. Learn about challenges associated with the ventilator weaning process and how protocol-driven weaning can reduce the time spent on mechanical ventilation.

Procedural sedation outside the OR

Providing safe and adequate procedural sedation is challenging. Learn about avoiding over sedation and managing responses to sedation. See what clinicians are doing to manage pain, reduce risks, and improve outcomes.

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Digital connectivity
IT support

Find specialized IT support for clinician programmers, handsets, and cloud-based software associated..

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Equipment services
& support

We are dedicated to patient safety and committed to helping customers achieve operational performance.

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Discover the
innovation lab

We tackle healthcare's biggest challenges with human-centered design, technology, and collaboration.

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Stanhope, KM, et al. (2016). Telemonitoring reduced costs and inpatient visitation rates for patients with advanced cardiovascular disease: A matched Cohort Study.


Darkins A, Kendall S, Edmonson E, Young M, Stressel P. Reduced cost and mortality using home telehealth to promote self-management of complex chronic conditions: a retrospective matched cohort study of 4,999 veteran patients. Telemed J E Health 2015 Jan; 21(1):70-6.


This study is based on MCMS solutions and Medtronic data combined with third-party solutions and data, which are not necessarily identical to the MCMS solution or Medtronic data.