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A laparoscopic cholecycstectomy (lap chole) is one of the most common types of surgeries, representing about half of all general surgery procedures.1 Medtronic provides the comprehensive surgical solutions needed to perform a laparoscopic cholecycstectomy in an outpatient surgery center setting.

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Application Medtronic Instrument


Valleylab™ Smoke Evacuation Pencil 


Veress/Surgineedle™/VersaOne™ Optical or VersaStep™ trocars

Smoke Evacuation Set Up for Laparoscopic Smoke Removal

Valleylab™ Laparoscopic Smoke Evacuation System

Mobilize/Dissect the cystic duct and cystic artery

Force TriVerse™ Electrosurgical Device with CleanCoat™ Laparoscopic L-Hook and/or Maryland Style Dissector, Endo Dissect™, Endo Shears™, Endo Peanut™, Endo Mini Retract™

Ligate and Divide the cystic duct and cystic artery

Endo Clip™ III

Dissect gallbladder from liver bed

Force TriVerse™ Electrosurgical Device with CleanCoat™ Laparoscopic L-Hook

Extract gallbladder and any spilled stones

ReliaCatch™ or Endo Catch™ Gold

Close trocar sites

Multifire Premium™ Skin Stapler, 35 or 35W, or Suture, Topical Skin Adhesive


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Lap Chole support

We are committed to helping customers improve clinic efficiencies and patient outcomes. As ASCs take on more general surgeries, we can support you with a range of diverse products.

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Wound management

We’re here to move suture forward. We’re innovating and investing to improve suture choice and performance, and deliver a better patient experience.

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Greater coverage in a clog-free applicator.2-5
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Trocars and hand instruments

Our streamlined, universal portfolio of access instrumentation provides an ease of standardization for surgeons, staff, OR directors, and economic decision makers.

Trocars and access

Hand instruments and ligation

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Reimbursement and coding tools

These downloadable documents provide general coverage and reimbursement information for laparoscopic cholecystectomy.

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Based on FY22 Market Model. Medtronic Market Intelligence and Competitive Intelligence team.


Based on Dermabond™* portfolio brochure. Ethicon U.S. 2019. 


Based on internal report #003-219, Design verification report: Expressive yield average of adhesive application. September 2018. 


Based on internal review of Premier 2017 data: top procedures that used Dermabond™* Mini topical skin adhesive. August 2019.  


Based on internal report #001-467, Project Fal intra-operative reuse verification report. January 2015.