With Medtronic, you have the broadest pain therapy portfolio — backed by clinical and economic evidence — and strong coverage and reimbursement for procedures. Dedicated people, programs, and resources with comprehensive financial, distribution, inventory, and education models.

Together, you set yourself apart through our comprehensive solutions:

- Portfolio — extensive and evidence-based
- People — dedicated to support you
- Programs — contracting and financing flexibility
- Patients — focused on access to care and value

Our comprehensive solutions include:

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Future-Focused Innovation

Intellis™ Spinal Cord Stimulation (SCS)

The Intellis™ implantable neurostimulator sets the standard for chronic pain management. Features include AdaptiveStim™ and Overdrive™ battery technologies, wireless programming, wireless trialing system, SureScan™ full-body MRI** technology, and a 9-year battery warranty.*

* For more information on our 9-year limited warranty of the INS, contact
** Under specific conditions. Refer to product labeling for full list of conditions.

Indications, Safety and Warnings

Learn more about Intellis™ SCS
Glial Cell

Science That Matters

DTM™ Spinal Cord Stimulation (SCS) Therapy

The Differntial Target Multiplexed™ algorithm is the first SCS therapy intentionally developed from preclinical science. The DTM™ SCS therapy may engage a novel mechanism that modulates both neurons and glial cells, expanding the understanding of SCS mechanisms of action.

Superior Pain Relief. Proven Only on the Intellis™ INS. Twelve-month data show superior and sustained back pain relief with DTM™ SCS compared to conventional SCS.1

- 84% Back pain responder rate reported at 12 months (>50% improvement)
- 69% 7 out of 10 patients were profound back pain responders (≥80% pain relief)
- Sustained Back Relief with a mean VAS score less than 2 at 12 months

1. Fishman M, Cordner H, et al. DTM™ SCS RCT 12-month data results. Presented at a Medtronic webinar, jointly supported by the North American Neuromodulation Society (NANS), World Institute of Pain (WIP), and the American Society for Pain and Neuroscience (ASPN). October 19, 2020. Webinar available on society websites.

94 subjects were implanted, and 79 subjects completed a 12 month assessment.

Indications, Safety and Warnings

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Designed to Reduce Infection

TYRX™ Neuro Absorbable Antibacterial Envelope

The TYRX™ Neuro Absorbable Antibacterial Envelope is designed to provide device stabilization when implanted. The envelope also contains the antimicrobial agents rifampin and minocycline, which have been shown to reduce infection in an in vivo model of bacterial challenge following surgical implantation.*

* TYRX™ Neuro Absorbable Antibacterial Envelope Instructions for Use.

Indications, Safety and Warnings

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Empowering Simplicity and Standardization

SynchroMed™ II Targeted Drug Delivery (TDD) Platform

Available with Control Workflow™
The SynchroMed™ II targeted drug delivery (TDD) platform offers the Control Workflow™, an approach to help eliminate systemic opioids and provide effective pain relief to patients with chronic pain.

Indications, Safety and Warnings

Learn more about Synchromed™ II

Efficio™ Management Software for Targeted Drug Delivery (TDD)

Efficio™ Management Software
Efficio™ management software helps make TDD pump management easier. Efficio™ software offers anytime, anywhere access to patient pump refill information and expected alarm dates.

Learn more about Efficio™ Software

Unleash the Future of RF Ablation

Accurian™ RF Ablation for Nerve Tissue

The Accurian™ RF nerve ablation platform is state-of-the-art technology, backed by the support of an industry leader. The platform can perform three types of procedures: standard, enhanced, and pulsed.

Indications, Safety and Warnings

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Access the Essential Without The Excess

Balloon Kyphoplasty (BKP) Therapy

Balloon Kyphoplasty Essentials™ solution is streamlined for the treatment of vertebral compression fractures (VCF). It merges the quality and familiarity of market-leading access tools and cement delivery technologies with osteo introducer systems, cement delivery systems, and common inflatable bone tamp sizes — 10 mm, 15 mm, 20 mm.

Indications, Safety and Warnings

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Therapy Awareness Programs

Medtronic supports patients by offering opportunities through our Therapy Awareness Programs (TAPs). TAP is designed to educate patients who could benefit from Medtronic products and therapies for targeted drug delivery and spinal cord stimulation.

Contact your Medtronic representative for more information on therapy awareness programs for patients.

Patient Ambassador Program

This program is designed for prospective patients to obtain diagnosis-specific information from a volunteer who is already implanted with a Medtronic therapy. A prospective new patient calls or goes online, to schedule an appointment with an Ambassador. When meeting (via telephone), the Ambassador will tell his or her story of how the therapy has impacted his or her quality of life.

Ask a Nurse Program

The Ask a Nurse Program provides prospective patients a resource to further learn about implantable therapies. Prospective patients ask clinical or procedural questions of a nurse* familiar with the trial, implant, and living with the implantable therapy. A prospective patient calls or goes online to make an appointment with a nurse. When they meet (via telephone), the nurse will answer questions from the patient about what to anticipate for pre and post trial and implant phases.

* Nurses are paid Medtronic consultants

Business Support

Therapy Awareness Programs

Therapy Awareness Programs (TAP) events are in-person, co-marketing events delivered in partnership with a qualified healthcare professional (HCP). TAP is designed to educate HCPs who are caring for patients who could benefit from Medtronic products and therapies for targeted drug delivery and spinal cord stimulation.

Contact your Medtronic representative for more information on therapy awareness programs for HCPs.

Medical Education

Our tailored and varied medical education offerings help Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) clinicians stay current and learn about new technologies and techniques. Leading-edge clinicians help their ASCs stay competitive and improve patient care.

Remote Education and Programming

For clinicians and Medtronic reps, COVID-19 has presented new challenges to in-person collaboration. The remote conferencing app has been made available for install on clinician programmer tablets to enable remote education and/or remote technical support. Talk to your Medtronic representative for more information.

Pricing and Payment Solutions

Unwavering dedication and commitment — to deliver solutions through proactive communication and responsiveness — while improving patient access to care for Ambulatory Surgical Centers (ASCs). We help deliver financial stability through pricing and contracting, reimbursement, and prior authorization.

Speak with your Medtronic representative to learn more.

Medical necessity will dictate site of service for each individual patient. Physicians should confirm inpatient or outpatient admission criteria before selecting site of service.