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The Innovation Lab team tackles some of healthcare's biggest challenges by combining human-centered design, technology, and radical collaboration with teams inside and outside of Medtronic to turn innovative ideas into practical solutions.


We know that you need help solving a problem, even if it’s not clear what the problem is or why it exists. The Innovation Lab is a diverse team of researchers, designers, and strategists at the senior-level and above with the depth of skill, experience, and flexibility to meet your needs.

Our services are grounded in the principles of human-centered design — creating solutions by first understanding the needs and challenges of people. The result is a product or service that integrates the needs of the user equally with the possibilities of technology and the requirements for business success.

We can help your organization or team:

  • Improve patient experience and outcomes
  • Transform systems and processes
  • Drive focus and alignment around crucial business initiatives

Our Work

pdf Case Study: Alight (.pdf)

Redefining the operations of a humanitarian organization to ensure compassion is at the core.


To learn more about our work and discuss how we could help your team, email the Innovation Lab at

Two subject matter experts engage in a brainstorming session in the Medtronic Innovation Lab.


Combining in-depth, qualitative research methods with design-based tools allows us to transform the needs of people into strategic insights, opportunities, and solutions:

  • Our team uses human-centered design to help you get better results faster.
  • We pull from our years of experience to build a project plan that delivers actionable insights on your timeline.
  • We are methodical in designing research projects and collecting and analyzing data, which gives you confidence in leveraging our work to make business decisions.

If you're looking for some guidance ahead of a full engagement with us, fill out our Engagement Brief to start gathering your ideas in one place:

pdf Innovation Lab Engagement Brief (.pdf)

Use these thought-starters to get you and your team thinking about how and where we might best collaborate.


Our award-winning innovation team, dispersed across the globe, brings cross-functional expertise to address healthcare challenges. We have been honored to be recognized for our work throughout the years:

  • MDT CIO Award for Hospital of the Future, 2010
  • Innovation Leader Impact Award, 2018
  • MDT Star of Excellence Award, 2016 and 2019
  • Med Tech Insight Award, 2019
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Email the Innovation Lab to learn more about our work and discuss how we can help with your project.