Digital health solutions 
for patients with diabetes

Better connections can lead to better care.

Chronic conditions like diabetes require long-term management, and for clinicians, it can be difficult to know whether patients fully understand and can follow care instructions between appointments. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Medtronic Care Management Services can help.

Our digital health solutions can help you manage patients with diabetes while providing them with a convenient and easy portal for support. It helps you identify trends to help inform care decisions and develop interventions, so patients can get the care they need before an emergency develops. 

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Connected care for diabetes made easier

Learn how our digital health solutions can help you stay connected to your patients with diabetes.

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InterVIEW® mobile platform for patient engagement

Explore our user-friendly mobile platform for remote patient monitoring.

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Harnessing healthcare data

Read our latest e-book and recognize the potential of healthcare data through a patient’s journey.

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Additional resources for digital health solutions for diabetes care management

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