Patients who actively engage in their care may have better adherence to their treatment plans,1 higher satisfaction,2 and reduced utilization.3 Our patient engagement solutions are designed to offer an optimal experience for patients to engage and securely share their health information daily.

Medtronic Care Management Services uses a suite of user-friendly patient platforms, disease management programs, and biometric peripheral devices designed to help you:

  • Monitor biometric and symptom data
  • Increase patient engagement and self-education
  • Intervene before care needs escalate and require an unnecessary hospitalization or ER visit


Medtronic Care Management Services uses technology that is intelligently designed, yet easy to use. We provide patients with education to engage in their health and give clinicians data intended to support patient care.


Choose from a suite of patient-facing platforms to keep your patients engaged in the monitoring process. We offer a variety of technology solution choices that fit patients’ different comfort levels.

From tabletop to tablet, our monitoring devices are simple to set up, easy to use, and offer straightforward interaction. All our monitoring devices:

  • Enable daily health checks with health education and biometric readings
  • Aggregate and prioritize patient data in Omnivisor® Pro for care teams, enabling clinical review and care coordination
  • Provide secure access to health data
  • Support all Medtronic Care Management Services disease management programs

InterVIEW Tablet and Mobile Application

InterVIEW® Tablet and Mobile Application

When convenience and mobility matter, InterVIEW offers a flexible solution. The latest innovation from Medtronic Care Management Services, InterVIEW is designed to provide an engaging patient experience. The interactive app-based solution includes:

  • Educational videos embedded within the patient’s health check for self-management coaching
  • Video visits from the clinician — with multi-party conferencing capability — designed to get a real-time look at the patient’s health status
  • Image capture using a tablet
  • Ability to incorporate survey questions after the patient's health check
  • Ability to access the app with MCMS-provided Samsung tablet or through the patient’s own Android device
  • Reminder push notifications
  • Bluetooth®-connected peripheral devices

Add our Insight Link® telehealth solution to remotely monitor patients with Medtronic Care Management Services and treat patients with American Well real-time video interaction — designed to give you more connected data, clinical knowledge, and access to patients.

NetResponse Web Application

NetResponse® Web Application

NetResponse is an interactive software that enables patients to take their health check from their computer or from a phone or tablet. NetResponse offers:

  • Ability to access the application on the patient’s own computer, a Medtronic Care Management Services-provided tablet, or the patient's mobile device via BYOD capability
  • Access to software through a standard web browser or through the NetResponse mobile app available on Android and Apple iOS devices
  • Email reminders and notifications
  • Image capture using mobile device or tablet
  • Bluetooth®-connected peripheral devices
Commander FLEX Tabletop Platform

Commander FLEX® Hub Platform

(Prescription required)

Commander FLEX is an out-of-the-box tabletop platform for patients looking for a straightforward technology interaction. It is available to patients with a provider's prescription. Commander FLEX offers:

  • Color-coded ports for easy peripheral connection
  • Integrated blood pressure and heart rate monitoring system
  • Voice and screen promptings with large, textured keypad ideal for the visually impaired
  • Connection through landline or cellular technology
LinkView Video Platform

LinkView® Video Platform

When more interactive monitoring may be required, LinkView is another out-of-the-box tabletop platform that uses video technology to put you in front of your patients while they’re at home. LinkView offers:

  • Video visits from the clinician or care team to get a real-time look at the patient’s symptoms
  • A tilting touchscreen that angles from 35 to 90 degrees for patient comfort
  • A front pane camera with privacy shutter
  • Color-coded ports for easy peripheral connection
  • Integrated blood pressure and heart rate monitoring system
Man using TeleResponse Interactive Voice Response Platform

TeleResponse® IVR Platform

TeleResponse interactive voice response (IVR) allows patients to take their daily health check through an interactive telephone system when it's most convenient for them. TeleResponse offers:

  • Manual entry of symptoms with health education and biometric readings
  • Toll-free number and unique pass code for secure access to health checks
  • Ability for patient to schedule daily inbound calls to complete health checks
  • Enhanced voice recognition technology that allows patients to speak responses
  • Flexibility to review or change answers and repeat information
  • Text-to-speech technology for creation of unique messages for patients
  • Touch-tone input using telephone keypad


A woman sits at a table to use a pulse oximeter during her daily health check.

Benefit from both patient-submitted symptom data and objectively-measured biometric and vital sign readings. 

Our suite of peripheral devices* collects objective biometric data that is analyzed together with the patient-submitted symptom information. The devices — both Bluetooth®-enabled and direct-connect peripherals — include weight scales, glucometers, blood pressure monitors, pulse oximeters, pedometers, and activity trackers.


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The pulse oximeters are the only peripheral devices that require a prescription.


Learn how remote patient monitoring can engage patients and support your care coordination.