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Leader perspectives: 3 ways to accelerate the digital health transformation

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For digital health solutions to be adopted, they must help providers and patients be more connected across the care continuum. Discover three considerations for successful integration from Erin Rapallini, senior director, Medtronic Care Management Services.


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Moving From Interruption to Seamless Integration: 3 Ways to Accelerate the Digital Health Transformation

Move digital health technology from being an interruption of provider workflow and patient life to being seamlessly integrated into the activities of daily living.

Digital health solutions must help providers and patients across the care continuum. Tools should enable them to be more connected, efficient, and consistent in their decisions, actions, and communications.

Erin Rapallini, senior director, Medtronic Care Management Services, reveals three important tips to increase success:

  1. Use familiar electronic devices
  2. Focus on the need versus the technology
  3. Make the experience user-friendly
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About the author

Erin Rapallini brings more than 20 years of experience in the medical device and digital health markets to her role as the leader of Strategy, Sales, and Marketing for Medtronic Care Management Services. Before joining Medtronic Care Management Services, she led work in product development, clinical research, and market development for Medtronic, bringing new technologies from concept to market to impact care across the continuum.