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Patient education

Reach referring physicians and patients.

Collaborate with us to expand awareness.

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Raise awareness of peripheral artery disease, vein disease, and other vascular diseases with patients and referring physicians in your community to help ensure patients receive the treatment they need.

Therapy awareness programs (TAP)

TAP events are jointly conducted programs that educate people in your community and expand awareness about vascular disease. These events are conducted as a collaboration between a treating physician and Medtronic.

  • Deliver patient-targeted education
  • Discuss signs and symptoms
  • Highlight effective therapies
  • Distribute education resources

Patient education online

Visit our patient-facing disease awareness sites:

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pdf PAD patient brochure (.pdf)

Get the facts on PAD. Download a short booklet that describes the connection between PAD and leg pain.


pdf PAD awareness screening card (.pdf)

Download a screening card to use in your clinic to start a conversation about PAD and leg pain.

pdf PAD clinic poster (.pdf)

Download a printable poster for your clinic to start the conversation about PAD and leg pain with patients.


Find Spanish versions of PAD collateral at

PAD online screening tool
Give your patients easy access to a short educational video that explains PAD symptoms and includes a simple assessment. Patients can share their results with their providers. Use this link on your own website to connect patients to this video tool:

pdf CVI clinic poster (.pdf)

Download a poster for your clinic to start the conversation about chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) with patients.


pdf CVI conditions screening card (.pdf)

Download a screening card with symptoms and risk factors of CVI.


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Send a request online or ask your Medtronic representative to receive printed materials.