Comprehensive Sinus Surgery
For Your Office

The Precision of the Operating Room, Now in Your Office

Office-based procedures can be more convenient for both patients and surgeons. 

Patients benefit from shorter waiting times before the procedures as well as shorter recovery times. Most patients can leave the office after being observed for 10-20 minutes after completion of the procedure. Shorter recovery times can be attributed to the reduced likelihood of postoperative nausea and vomiting because of the avoidance of sedatives and general anesthetics. For surgeons, incorporating procedures into their office schedule allows them to save the time associated with operating room turnover and anesthesia time.1

Sinus surgery is changing. 

Basic sinus procedures are increasingly performed in the office.  Medtronic is the leader in providing innovative and comprehensive ENT solutions for the office.  We provide cutting-edge therapies2 and technologies that deliver clinical and economic value for you and your patients.3  Transform your office by:​

  • Bringing OR technology to your office procedure rooms​
  • Providing additional navigated treatment options​
  • Working with our teams to increase your comfort level with in-office therapies and procedures
  • Providing in-office and digital patient education content to use in your practice​

A Broad Set of Tools for In-Office Sinus Surgery

Straightshot™ M4 Microdebrider

Medtronic Straightshot M4 Microdebrider for ENT surgery

The Straightshot™ M4 microdebrider is an innovative powered handpiece for ENT surgery that helps improve intraoperative functionality and precision when incising or removing soft tissue, hard tissue, or bone. Perform procedures such as polypectomy and ethmoidectomy submucosal IT resection.

Straightshot™ M4 features:

  • Factory-calibrated automated EM tracking blades for true plug-and-play with StealthStation™ navigation
  • Innovative Quadcut™ blades significantly reduces clogging over Tricut™ blades4
  • Fingertip control for 360° blade rotation independent of shaft

XPS™ Nexus ENT Power Console

Nexus Pole

The XPS Nexus™ system is designed for in-office powered sinus surgery.

XPS Nexus™ features:

  • Simple setup that is portable and easy to move around
  • Same equipment platform you already know from the OR
  • Handpiece recognition
  • Built-in irrigation pump

StealthStation FlexENT™ Navigation System

StealthStation FlexENT touchsreen desktop computer

The StealthStation FlexENT™ navigation system provides flexible hardware features and tiered software functionality. Configure the system to create a customized, economical navigation system to meet your unique facility and clinical needs.

Key features are:

  • Six hardware configurations to choose the best solution for your clinical needs
  • Portable cart design to consolidate ENT equipment and provide better mobility
  • Two emitter designs for more flexibility with surgical setup
  • Management of multiple navigated instruments simultaneously
  • Optional software modules available for enhanced visualization and surgical planning

NuVent™ Balloon Sinus Dilation System

NuVent Balloons

Used in conjunction with our StealthStation™ navigation technology, the NuVent™ system can be used to open blocked drainage pathways.

NuVent™ features:

  • Factory calibrated seekers for true plug-and-play with Medtronic ENT image guidance systems
  • Four unique designs for sinus applications
  • Inflator with a built-in pressure regulator to prevent over-inflation

HydroCleanse™ Sinus Irrigation Delivery System

Hand holding the HydroCleanse Sinus Wash Delivery System, spraying saline

The HydroCleanse™ sinus wash delivery system is an office-based sinus surgery solution that combines pressurized sinus irrigation with built-in suction for a more comfortable patient experience.

HydroCleanse™ features:

  • 360-degree rotating fan spray
  • Sinus-specific suction catheter tips with three angles
  • Adjustable spray pressure controlled by self-returning hand grip

NewTom GiANO HR CT Scanner


Get maximum visibility to diagnose and navigate with the NewTom Giano CT Scanner.*

  • Larg16x18 cm field of view with high quality images
  • Giano images meet the image protocol for Medtronic ENT Navigation Systems
  • SafeBeam™ technology, which automatically adapts exposure according to patients build, reducing risk of overestimated dosages5
  • Simplified workflow
  • Versatile NNT software

*Authorized sales agent. 

Novapak™ Nasal Sinus
Packing and Stent

Close up of the Novapak packing.

Novapak™ Nasal Sinus Packing and Stent is an easy to use, natural chitosan and cellulose-based postoperative sinus surgery dressing designed to provide therapeutic benefits to help protect your patients and aid in the natural healing process.6-9

Novapak™ ships and is stored at room temperature. Novapak™ Nasal Sinus Packing and Stent is Designed to:6-13

  • Support vital tissue structures and stabilization at 48 hours
  • Dissolve within the nasal cavity with daily irrigation and natural mucus flow
  • Absorb up to 32 times its weight in draining and bleeding of debrided mucosal surfaces
  • Act as a hemostatic aid by absorbing and aggregating blood
  • Provide antibacterial effectiveness and aid in the prevention of adhesions

Patient Education Resources

Educating your patient population on procedure offerings is done in multiple ways in order to maximize the reach of your efforts. Medtronic offers multiple formats of patient education resources for you.

  • In-Office Patient Education —We can provide posters, brochures, and holders along with procedural videos that can be displayed in your waiting room.
  • Digital Patient Education  — Use our digital education (imagery, video, and text) to describe Medtronic procedures and therapies performed in your office. From ENT anatomy diagrams to procedural videos, we can provide the website content you need to educate your patient population.
  • Therapy Awareness Programs (TAP) — Medtronic ENT will partner with you to host a HCP educational workshop on therapies that you perform in your office using Medtronic products and therapies.

ENT Resources

Visiting Clinician Program (VCP)

Medtronic has Office-based ENT professionals located throughout the country that can host you for a day. These courses include observation and discussion of cases, office operation, anesthesia protocol, and best practices related to in-office procedures. 

Image of two doctors talking in an office


Our Nasal and Sinus Endoscopy Procedures Coding Guide provides general information to assist in obtaining coverage and reimbursement for healthcare services.

Coding Guide

Nelson Lab

We can host you at our ENT Lab in Jacksonville, Florida to share with you our latest technologies and education on Medtronic ENT products and therapies in a cadaveric lab setting.

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We can host you at our ENT Lab in Jacksonville, Florida to share with you our latest technologies and education on Medtronic ENT products and therapies in a cadaveric lab setting.


Our Nasal and Sinus Endoscopy Procedures Coding Guide provides general information to assist in obtaining coverage and reimbursement for healthcare services.

Coding Guide

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