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Creating Testimonials

A compelling patient story can be a powerful tool when reaching patients in your clinic or through a local media outreach campaign. So whether you are working to create a patient testimonial within your clinic or partnering with a local media outlet, the following information is crucial:

Patients provide a “face” to the story by sharing their personal experience with the disease and how it affects their physical well-being and overall quality of life. Additionally, they can convey how a particular treatment benefited them personally.

Keep in mind, media outlets - whether they are print, broadcast, or radio - almost always want to include insight from both a local physician and a patient to ensure their stories are well rounded and consumer focused.

Consider the following critical success factors when evaluating and selecting patient spokespeople for local media outreach or internal testimonial development:

  • Patient who is articulate and engaging when speaking
  • Patient who has a compelling story in regard to how his or her experience with atrial fibrillation impacted his or her quality of life. (e.g., The patient is a pilot and had to stop flying airplanes when he was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation, but now that his disease is in check he can return to doing what he loves.)
  • Patient willing to share personal anecdotes when discussing his or her disease
  • Patient who can deliver clear, concise messages in a way that audiences can relate to and understand
  • Ideally, the patient spokesperson and physician spokesperson should have a professional relationship and good rapport (e.g., the physician successfully treated the patient)
  • Patient who is easily accessible and available for media interviews

Watch two excellent patient testimonials below: 

Cardiac AF Cryoablation Patient Dawn Cicero

Hear how one PAF patient’s cryoballoon ablation procedure impacted her life.

Nathan Lott, Cardiac Ablation Patient

Paroxysmal atrial fibrillation patient Nathan Lott talks about his cryoballoon ablation treatment.

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