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Heart failure management

Learn more about therapy options to treat heart failure patients.

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Personalized care for heart failure patients 

Our unique cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT) portfolio of devices provides personalized patient care. Medtronic CRT-D and CRT-P devices include a variety of comprehensive features, exclusive algorithms, and implant solutions designed to treat your heart failure patients.

CRT systems

Medtronic is focused on innovative options to help your heart failure patients feel better with our advanced therapies and monitoring solutions.1-9

CRT features

Providing unique features like the AdaptivCRT™ algorithm10 and TriageHF™ technology,11 Medtronic CRT-D and CRT-P devices include a variety of comprehensive features to help tailor heart failure therapy for each of your patients' needs.

Managing your patients

Our advanced therapies, monitoring solutions, and management services are designed to help you help your heart failure patients feel better, while improving the efficiency and effectiveness of heart failure care.1-9

Reduce complications

Reducing procedure-related complications is now more important than ever. Learn about the TYRX™ Absorbable Antibacterial Envelope, an innovative solution aimed to improve procedure-related outcomes.12

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