Building a hypertension program


Icon of a digital BP cuff represents the connection between lower BP and reduced cardiovascular risks.

Hypertension affects ~50% of U.S. adults.1

Icon of a stethoscope represents the importance of reducing blood pressure.

Modest blood pressure reduction can reduce the risk of cardiovascular events.4,5

Icon of a heartbeat represents the serious challenges of hypertension in the U.S.

Fewer hypertension patients are achieving control, while cardiovascular events continue to be the leading cause of death in the United States.2,3

Icon of a magnifying glass represents the importance of focusing on hypertension.

Developing a successful hypertension program allows you to build focus and multidisciplinary expertise to optimize patient care.6

Program Framework

An eight-step flowchart shows how healthcare professionals can build a hypertension program.

An evidence-based approach to control

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Connect with Medtronic to get started

Connect with your local representative to learn more about building your hypertension program and read the brochure for a deeper dive on the steps to take.

Tools and Resources

Best-Practice Tools and Resources

Getting a program up and running may seem like a lot of work. We’ve gathered the resources you need to get started.

Target: BP Program

Understand how to improve blood pressure control rates through this evidence-based quality improvement program.

AHA Hypertension Certification

See the benefits and details of becoming an AHA-certified hypertension center.

The cover of a collection of best practices for improving hypertension management.

Million Hearts® Hospital Best Practices

This package presents a list of process improvements that outpatient clinical settings can implement as they work toward hypertension control. Examples resulted in 80% control rates.

The cover of a toolkit from the CDC about how to implement a hypertension management program.

CDC Hypertension Management Program (HMP)

Explore a toolkit from the CDC Division for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention with information and resources for implementing the HMP and improving hypertension control.

Educate Patients

Help patients understand the challenge

The more patients understand about hypertension, the more they will take control of their condition. Here are tools and resources you can use to help educate them.

A laptop represents a downloadable toolkit for promoting hypertension awareness.

Toolkit for the Surgeon General’s Call to Action on Hypertension

Inspired by the Surgeon General’s Call to Action, the CDC created a toolkit with social media content, a PowerPoint presentation, and other materials to help spread the word about why it is so important to get hypertension under control.

Icon representing patient education resources available from the AHA.

AHA Patient Education Resources

Developed by the AHA, these patient resources make it easier to help patients understand the prevalence and serious health risks of hypertension.

Icon representing a toolkit designed to raise awareness of hypertension.

Raise Awareness of Hypertension

Gain access to tools that educate patients about the prevalence and health risks of hypertension.

A digital BP cuff represents a quiz about the health impact of blood pressure reduction.


See how much you know about the prevalence and risks of uncontrolled hypertension.


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