Perfusion Insider Fall 2015

Medtronic Adopts Cloud-based Field Service Apps

Mobile Service Apps

The Medtronic Structural Heart Field Service organization's world-class customer service will now be supported by two cloud-based applications: ServiceMax and Vipaar. The first application, licensed to Medtronic by ServiceMax, Pleasanton, Calif., gives Medtronic field reps a new tool to provide a more comprehensive service experience for their customers. Using this application helps drive consistency, compliance and efficiency because the application verifies the validity of the Work Orders created by the field service representative.

The second cloud-based application, Lime, is a remote troubleshooting application that Medtronic will roll out later in 2015. A mobile app, Lime, was developed by Vipaar LLC, Birmingham, Ala., and allows Medtronic to give customers remote assistance for resolving service issues.

"Medtronic's nationwide team of field service reps are focused on device compliance and product support to maximize equipment up-time and prevent issues from occurring," said Victor Colbrese, National Service Manager, Medtronic Structural Heart Service.

"Because ServiceMax is cloud-based, reps can connect through their laptops, iPads or smart phones," explained Paul Ahlemeyer, Program Marketing Sales Manager, Medtronic Structural Heart Service. "This app provides instant access to all of our service information for our entire service department. We also have off-line capability, which ensures we are always ready to respond no matter what the situation."

This new service documentation process will further enhance Medtronic's ability to respond to customer questions about equipment service as part of a Joint Commission accreditation inspection. And, if there's a question about equipment operation, Medtronic Structural Heart Service can respond with the proper documentation on the specific service performed.

"Our field service reps have been using ServiceMax for the past year," Ahlemeyer noted. "It's allowed us to proactively find equipment issues before the customer becomes aware of them. With just a device's serial number, we can access that equipment's service history."

Remote Troubleshooting App

"Lime is an exciting cloud-based mobile app for remote troubleshooting," explained Ahlemeyer. "It will enhance our field service team's efficiency by helping them resolve potential product or service issues remotely, which helps increase equipment up-time."

For example, a customer can contact Medtronic if there's an equipment alarm that they don't understand, for example. Using the Lime app, a Medtronic field service person can remotely view the issue and suggest a solution immediately. "It may be as simple as a setting that needs to be changed," Ahlemeyer observed. "A Vipaar session is real-time, with enhanced abilities and real-time guided assistance. The visual makes it easier to guide a customer through the problem-solving process to resolve an issue and ultimately increase equipment up-time."

Medtronic is currently evaluating the most effective ways to use Vipaar's Lime application. View a Vipaar video demonstrating its applicability.

"ServiceMax and Vipaar are just two examples of the investments that Medtronic has made in technology solutions to maintain our level of world-class customer service and further our commitment to perfusion," said Ahlemeyer.