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Insulin Insights

Now is the Time: How and Why the Identify, Configure, Collaborate Framework Resonated at ADCES21

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October 2021
If you attended ADCES21, you likely noticed that many sessions focused on the implementation of the Identify, Configure, Collaborate (ICC) framework. This framework has been recently adopted by ADCES as the standardized approach to integrate any technology tool into clinical practice as to help address technology disparities in underserved communities...

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September 2021
ADCES21 was held virtually August 12-15th. Medtronic Diabetes was a sponsor/exhibitor at the Gold Level. Register to view the recorded sessions until November 8th, 2021. Throughout the conference, attendees visited the Medtronic Diabetes virtual booth to learn about “The Right Solution at the Right Time.” You too can visit the virtual booth today by clicking here; no registration is required! Read more.

Training Tips

Support Patients Can Count On

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October 2021
We’re here to help. At Medtronic Diabetes, we support thousands of people living with diabetes each year. From the very beginning, our patient-centered core mission has remained the same: alleviate pain, restore health, and extend life. You can learn more about our mission directly from our legendary co-founder, the late Earl E. Bakken...

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September 2021
It’s that time of the year again! Nationwide, kids are heading back to school in person. With that in mind, it’s important to ensure that students using diabetes technology while at school are prepared. For example, students using an insulin pump, such as the MiniMed™ 770G system, should have signed orders from their healthcare provider. These orders should include the name of the device they are using along with the programmed settings for both basal and bolus insulin, detailed instructions for...Read More.

Portfolio Perspectives

A Look Into How Medtronic Is Working To Address Health Inequities

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October 2021
Earlier this year Medtronic announced its ongoing efforts to help reduce inequities in the utilization of diabetes technology.¹ As the global leader in medical technology, we have the responsibility to help reduce health inequities within communities of color by ensuring they are granted the same access to technologies that may help them better manage their disease...

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September 2021
The MiniMed™ 770G virtual pump is a wonderful tool that allows you to virtually navigate through the pump screens via an app on your phone (available on both iOS and Android) or your computer screen. This tool has an easy-to-use interface and can help patients gain a better understanding of how to navigate the insulin pump ahead of training. Its also helpful for healthcare providers and individuals who actively support a person living with diabetes that uses an insulin pump which....Read More.


Join Medtronic at MEDS

Metabolic & Endocrine Disease Summit - Fall (MEDS)

Dates: October 28-30, 2021

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Medtronic Activities:

  • Education Theater: Smart Insulin Pen Technology - Changing the Multiple Daily Injection (MDI) Landscape with Data and Decision-Making Support
    Speaker: Coleen Miller-Owen, MSN, APN, CDE
    Date/Time: Friday, October 29 / 11:00 am - 12:00 pm EST
  • Medtronic Virtual Exhibit (no registration necessary)

Future Show:

International Society for Ped and Adolescent Diabetes (ISPAD) (October 13-15) - Virtual
International Diabetes Federation (IDF) (December 6-11) - Virtual

Product Updates

MiniMedTM 770G System: Providing Connectivity for You and Your Patients

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Feb 2021
As of November 2020, Medtronic has been shipping the MiniMedTM 770G insulin pump system to patients throughout the US. This new system represents the latest in hybrid closed loop technology from Medtronic. It features automated insulin delivery* to help keep your patients in range and also includes Bluetooth® connectivity.

Thanks to the connectivity of the MiniMedTM 770G system, your patients can now easily share their data with you ahead of an upcoming appointment through automatic CareLinkTM data uploads. These automatic uploads can give you visibility to the information you need in order to make therapy adjustments for your patients.

Learn more about the new MiniMedTM 770G system and automatic CareLinkTM data uploads by visiting our product page.

*Refers to SmartGuardTM Auto Mode. Some user interaction required. Results may vary.

Product Portfolio Updates

Jan 2021
Medtronic is dedicated to driving innovation in diabetes management technologies so your patients can focus more on their lives and less on diabetes. Following two recent product launches, we have decided to streamline our product portfolio with two changes taking place in February 2021.
With the launch of the MiniMedTM 770G pump, we have decided to simplify our insulin pump offering and stop selling the MiniMedTM 670G pump after February 1, 2021...Read more.


Sample Meters Discontinuation

Dec 2020
We have an important announcement related to sample blood glucose meters for the MinMed™ 670G system, MiniMedTM 630G system, and MinimedTM 530G system. As of 11/01/2020, Medtronic will no longer be offering sample meters for CareLinkTM uploads from the pump. As patients transition to our MiniMedTM 770G system, this system is not approved for use with an Ascensia meter. The new MiniMedTM 770G system is approved for use with the Accu-Chek® Guide Link meter from Roche. This Roche meter does not include CarelinkTM system upload capability. Our MiniMedTM 770G system includes Bluetooth® connectivity to send data remotely to CareLinkTM system and for those without a compatible smartphone, we are offering a unique uploader that can be obtained from Medtronic at no cost. Samples of our new blood glucose meter will not be offered for our current and future systems.

We know you have utilized these sample meters in the past to assist your patients with CareLinkTM uploads. If you would like to request a blood glucose meter for the MinMedTM 670G system, MiniMedTM 630G system, or MinimedTM 530G system, you can do so by contacting Ascensia Diabetes Care directly at 862-225-2903 option 1.