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Challenges and Solutions for Precision Insulin Management

December 2022
As providers of health care, you know the challenges people experience living with diabetes, especially when dependent on insulin. Despite the life-saving benefit of exogenous insulin, getting the right dose administered at the right time may seem an impossible task. Technology can help. 

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Medtronic Extended Infusion Set: Extending the Patient Experience

September 2022
Advanced insulin pump technology has the capability to deliver improved clinical outcomes with less effort by the user.1 However, a well-functioning infusion set is required to deliver insulin effectively and reliably to the body in order to realize these outcomes. Read more

Training Tips

Help your patients enjoy the holidays!

December 2022
It’s that time of the year again and whether it’s the carb-rich foods, the unknown recipes, or the scarce food labels (among other things) the holidays can be a tricky time for people living with diabetes...

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Life Happens: Make Sure Your Pump Patients Are Prepared!

September 2022
A wise man once said, “Confidence comes from being prepared” and, as educators, this is exactly how we’d like patients living with diabetes to feel, day to day, while on insulin pump therapy. Read more

Portfolio Perspectives

My Insights

December 2022
Do you wish there was a way to help patients see their ongoing device management trends and get helpful pointers delivered straight to them automatically? There is! Introducing My Insights...

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The New Medtronic Extended Infusion Set and Extended Reservoir

September 2022
The Medtronic Extended infusion set is the newest insulin pump infusion set from Medtronic and the first and only set that can be worn for twice the wear time! Read more.

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