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Insulin Insights

Precision Insulin Management with Smart Insulin Pens

InPen and Guardian Sensor

Jan 2020
Precision insulin management, defined as delivering the correct dose1, is a lesser-studied factor that contributes toward better glycemic management. An international comparison study in people with T1D reported a median A1C range of 7.4%-9.4% across countries and age groups, exceeding target A1C recommendations2. Adolescents...

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Connections and Collaborations

Dec 2020
The recent acquisition of Companion Medical allows the further simplification of diabetes management and improved outcomes through dosing recommendations for the large number of people using multiple daily injections (MDI). Building upon the success of InPenTM, Medtronic will combine InPenTM smart insulin pen capabilities with Medtronic intelligent algorithms to deliver proactive dosing advice personalized to each...Read more.

Training Tips

Setting Patients Up for Success: Carbohydrate Counting in SmartGuardTM Auto Mode

Physician and Patient

Jan 2020
As a healthcare provider, you know that carbohydrate counting may help patients living with diabetes achieve their blood glucose goals. However, when asked about their confidence in doing so, patients often admit to feeling less than confident. A common misconception is that patients using hybrid closed loop therapy must be expert carb counters. We’ve actually learned over the past three years that a generalized...

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Life Happens: Make Sure Your Pump Patients Are Prepared!

Dec 2020
A wise man once said, “confidence comes from being prepared” and, this is exactly how we’d like patients living with diabetes to feel, day to day, while on insulin pump therapy. While 2020 has certainly shown us that issues are bound to happen, the aim is to help prepare patients so they feel confident and competent to handle…Read more.

Portfolio Perspectives

Bolusing Successfully on Hybrid Closed Loop Therapy

Physician on Video Call

Jan 2020
Happy New Year 2021 from all of us here at Medtronic! A new year means a fresh start and an opportunity to brush up on some best practices for bolusing in SmartGuardTM Auto Mode. Food boluses are instrumental to your patient’s success in SmartGuardTM Auto Mode. However, the key to maximizing time in SmartGuardTM Auto Mode and helping patients increase their...

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The MiniMedTM 770G System is Here! Virtual Patient Trainings Available

Dec 2020
It’s the most wonderful time of the year! All of us here at Medtronic couldn’t be happier to announce the long-anticipated launch of our latest hybrid closed loop system, the MiniMedTM 770G system. As the next step in our innovation pipeline...Read more.

Product Updates

Product Portfolio Updates

Child and caregiver.

Jan 2020
Medtronic is dedicated to driving innovation in diabetes management technologies so your patients can focus more on their lives and less on diabetes. Following two recent product launches, we have decided to streamline our product portfolio with two changes taking place in February 2021.

With the launch of the MiniMed™ 770G pump, we have decided to simplify our insulin pump offering and stop selling the MiniMed™ 670G pump after February 1, 2021...

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Sample Meters Discontinuation

Dec 2020
We have an important announcement related to sample blood glucose meters for the MinMed™ 670G system, MiniMedTM 630G system, and MinimedTM 530G system. As of 11/01/2020, Medtronic will no longer be offering sample meters for CareLinkTM uploads from the pump. As patients transition to our MiniMedTM 770G system, this system is not approved for use with an Ascensia meter. The new MiniMedTM 770G system is approved for use with the Accu-Chek® Guide Link meter from Roche. This Roche meter does not include CarelinkTM system upload capability. Our MiniMedTM 770G system includes Bluetooth® connectivity to send data remotely to CareLinkTM system and for those without a compatible smartphone, we are offering a unique uploader that can be obtained from Medtronic at no cost. Samples of our new blood glucose meter will not be offered for our current and future systems.

We know you have utilized these sample meters in the past to assist your patients with CareLinkTM uploads. If you would like to request a blood glucose meter for the MinMedTM 670G system, MiniMedTM 630G system, or MinimedTM 530G system, you can do so by contacting Ascensia Diabetes Care directly at 862-225-2903 option 1.