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Insulin Insights

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Moving Beyond Basal Insulin—Intensifying Type 2 Regimens

May 2022
The American Diabetes Association (ADA) advises to advance treatment of diabetes without delay when treatment goals are not being met.1 Specific to type 2 diabetes (T2D), advancing treatment can include intensifying lifestyle behaviors (diet and exercise), adding non-insulin medication(s), adding basal and prandial insulin…

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American Diabetes Association Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes—20221

March 2022
Each year the American Diabetes Association (ADA) publishes their evidence-based Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes, better known as clinical recommendations—this year being no exception.1 This comprehensive reference is the mainstay for many practicing healthcare professionals. Read more.

Training Tips

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Setting Patients Up for Success Ahead of Training

March 2022
When a patient is preparing to start insulin pump therapy, they are often encouraged by their local Medtronic clinical representative to attend a “Prepare for Therapy” session. Attending this session helps to ensure they are set-up for success and may greatly improve their overall experience during the training process. Below we’ve listed some of the key steps that patients should aim to complete prior to training.

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Best practices for programming replacement pumps

February 2022
As a healthcare provider, you know that from time to time a patient on insulin pump therapy may receive a replacement insulin pump. However, as you also know, the new pump will not arrive pre-programmed with the patient’s basal rates or other verified settings such as Bolus WizardTM settings or sensor settings. These must be set up and saved on their pump prior to use. In the event a patient reaches out for help with programming their new replacement pump, we’ve outlined some important best practices and resources below to consider. Read more.

Portfolio Perspectives

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ADA Standards of Care and Medtronic Solutions

May 2022
Individualizing diabetes care is the harmony of shared decision-making between the person living with diabetes and the healthcare team who has clinical expertise and the knowledge of application of clinical evidence...

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A Look into How Medtronic is Working to Address Health Inequities

October 2021
Earlier this year Medtronic announced its ongoing efforts to help reduce inequities in the utilization of diabetes technology.¹ As the global leader in medical technology, we have the responsibility to help reduce health inequities within communities of color by ensuring they are granted the same access to technologies that may help them better manage their disease...Read more.


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