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Insulin Insights

Medtronic Extended Infusion Set: Extending the Patient Experience

September 2022
Advanced insulin pump technology has the capability to deliver improved clinical outcomes with less effort by the user.1 However, a well-functioning infusion set is required to deliver insulin effectively and reliably to the body in order to realize these outcomes.

Medtronic Extended Infusion set worn on body.
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Moving Beyond Basal Insulin—Intensifying Type 2 Regimens

May 2022
The American Diabetes Association (ADA) advises to advance treatment of diabetes without delay when treatment goals are not being met.1 Specific to type 2 diabetes (T2D), advancing treatment can include intensifying lifestyle behaviors (diet and exercise), adding non-insulin medication(s), adding basal and prandial insulin…Read more

Training Tips

Life Happens: Make Sure Your Pump Patients Are Prepared!

September 2022
A wise man once said, “Confidence comes from being prepared” and, as educators, this is exactly how we’d like patients living with diabetes to feel, day to day, while on insulin pump therapy.

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Setting Patients Up for Success Ahead of Training

March 2022
When a patient is preparing to start insulin pump therapy, they are often encouraged by their local Medtronic clinical representative to attend a “Prepare for Therapy” session. Attending this session helps to ensure they are set-up for success and may greatly improve their overall experience during the training process. Below we’ve listed some of the key steps that patients should aim to complete prior to training. Read more

Portfolio Perspectives

The New Medtronic Extended Infusion Set and Extended Reservoir

September 2022
The Medtronic Extended infusion set (EIS) is the newest insulin pump infusion set from Medtronic and the first and only set that can be worn for twice the wear time!

Medtronic Extended infusion set, reservoir, and serter.

ADA Standards of Care and Medtronic Solutions

May 2022
Individualizing diabetes care is the harmony of shared decision-making between the person living with diabetes and the healthcare team who has clinical expertise and the knowledge of application of clinical evidence...Read more.


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