Getting to Know the Insights Report and CareLink™ Report

The use of software-based diabetes data has been shown to improve diabetes outcomes. According to a 2017 systematic review of studies evaluating technology-enabled Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support, there were improvements in A1C ranging from 0.1% to 0.8% in 18 of the 25 studies.1 This review identified four key elements that were incorporated into the most effective interventions:

  • Two-way communication between patient and provider
  • Analyses of patient-generated health data (PGHD), such as CareLink™ software reports
  • Tailored education
  • Individualized feedback

The authors referred to this as a Technology-Enabled Self-Management feedback loop, which connects people with their health care team. Healthcare team members’ review of PGHD can lead to more immediate adaptions to the care plan by providing insights for shared decision-making and proactive patient-team communication that engages patients in their care with members of the healthcare team. Best practice is to use the data on an ongoing basis in partnership with the patient to assess and incrementally optimize the treatment plan. 

The Insights by InPen™ Report

Insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) have been integrated for many years. And recently, two more diabetes technology devices have been integrated! People using the InPen™ Smart Insulin Pen are now able to sync to the Guardian™ Connect system in real-time by using the InPen™ app, both available from Medtronic. The continuous glucose monitoring data aligns with the insulin dose and meal data in the Insights by InPen™ Report and patients can share this report with their health care team directly through the app as well. The InPen™ Insights Report also integrates with data from the Dexcom G5®/ G6® CGM, and other Bluetooth-enabled blood glucose meters. Combining diabetes-related data from multiple devices into a single report enables the patient and their health care providers (HCPs) to analyze and use data easily.

In the current virtual environment, the ability to communicate regularly with patients and monitor their clinical and lifestyle data remotely gives HCPs the tools to help improve quality of care and ultimately health outcomes. Data-driven conversations allow for more objective, focused, collaborative, and less interrogative discussions that foster shared decision-making. This way, people with diabetes (PWD) can ultimately benefit by feeling empowered and being more engaged in their own care.  

Let’s take a closer look at the integrated InPen™ Insights Report below. 

Integrated InPen Insights Report

The CareLink™ report and AIM Methodology

The availability of pertinent data to engage patients in meaningful conversations around their diabetes doesn’t end with patients on multiple daily injections (MDI). Patients who use a Medtronic Insulin Pump or the Guardian™ Connect CGM System have access to the CareLink™ software. CareLink™ provides patients and their HCPs with the necessary data to evaluate glycemia when using Medtronic products. Together with their patients, HCPs can choose what’s important, from a simple overview of highs and lows to a variety of special reports including:

  • A one-page assessment and progress overview
  • Weekly review or daily detail reports
  • Meal reports
  • Device setting reports

A best practice for interpreting data is to use the AIM methodology. AIM Methodology provides a framework to assist in CareLink™ report interpretation. AIM provides an easy way to quickly Assess the report, Identify and confirm the issues and provides guidelines for Making changes to the Manual Mode and SmartGuard™ Auto Mode settings. The figures below showcase the AIM methodology in more detail (click to enlarge). This comprehensive 1-page reference can help guide your conversations with patients around diabetes management via the use of technology. You can also gain access to this reference guide by reaching out to your local Medtronic Diabetes representative.

AIM methodology figure.


Greenwood D, Gee P, Fatkin K, Peeples M. A systematic review of reviews evaluating technology-enabled diabetes self-management education and support. J Diabetes Sci Technol. 2017;11(5):1015-1027.


The InPen™ requires a prescription. It is a home-use reusable pen injector for single-patient use by people with diabetes under the supervision of an adult caregiver, or by a patient age 7 and older for the self-injection of a desired dose of insulin. The pen injector is compatible with Lilly Humalog® U-100 3.0 mL cartridges, Novo Nordisk Novolog® U-100 3.0 mL cartridges, and Novo Nordisk Fiasp® U-100 3.0 mL cartridges and single-use detachable and disposable pen needles (not included). The pen injector allows the user to dial the desired dose from 0.5 to 30 units in one-half (1/2) unit increments.

The InPen™ dose calculator, a component of the InPen™ app, is indicated for the management of diabetes by people with diabetes under the supervision of an adult caregiver, or by a patient age 7 and older for calculating an insulin dose or carbohydrate intake based on user entered data.

For an insulin dose based on amount of carbohydrates, a healthcare professional must provide patient-specific target blood glucose, insulin-to-carbohydrate ratio, insulin sensitivity parameters, and duration of insulin action to be programmed into the software prior to use as it is required for set up.

For an insulin dose based on fixed/variable meal sizes, a healthcare professional must provide patient-specific fixed doses/meal sizes to be programmed into the software prior to use.

For additional product and important safety considerations, see User Guide and http://bit.ly/InPenSafety.