Medtronic Diabetes is now on Parachute Health

Are you tired of faxing orders?

In partnership with Parachute Health, orders for Medtronic Diabetes medical equipment and supplies can now be placed 100% digitally within the Parachute Platform. This enables clinicians to increase efficiencies and spend their time where it’s most valuable: with their patients.

A simplified ordering experience

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More time with patients; less time on paperwork

Eliminating the need for fax orders and endless phone tag drastically reduces time and effort to place orders

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More streamlined way to care for patients

Patient orders and prescription records remain on the platform for reference

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Submit clean and accurate orders without back-and-forth communications

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Digitally communicate with your Medtronic partners and distributors in the platform

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Order status updates ensure all patients are cared for and receive the products they need, fast and reliably

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