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Pain Therapies Remote Support Resources

We've carefully gathered resources, solutions, and best practices to help navigate the evolving challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. We are committed to collaborating with you every step of the way.

Remote services

Offering remote services to enable convenient therapy support:

  • Farthest Programming Range  Maintain distance programming from up to 39 feet away,*
    using our therapy communicators and programmers.
  • Remote Support via WebEx — We've enabled the WebEx video conferencing app on our
    clinician programmers for easier communication with your Medtronic rep, for therapy
    education, and programming support.

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U.S. Clinician Services


Educational Webinar Recordings

Telemedicine Technology - (60:20)

Reimbursement changes for remote patient monitoring, product demos, and the application in practice.
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Elective Procedure Policies - (62:55)

Learn the latest elective procedure policy changes for telemedicine application in practices.
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staff education

RTG Academy offers online learning opportunities to support your staff.

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economic guidance

Our health economic managers can help you stay on top of evolving payment trends for virtual care.

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additional resources

Medtronic offers additional support to help your practice navigate the COVID-19 pandemic.

Remote report access

Efficio™ management software offers access to your pump reports and alarms anytime, anywhere.

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Find FAQ on how to best manage pump patients during and post COVID-19.

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