EVOLVE WORKFLOW Spinal Cord Stimulation

Standardized Guidance

You’ve asked for standardized guidance for trialing of spinal cord stimulation.  The EvolveSM Workflow balances the simplicity found in the latest understanding of High Dose stimulation, without sacrificing the versatility of 40+ years of Low Dose stimulation.

To make real progress in spinal cord stimulation simplicity and versatility must work together.


Versatility Simplicity


Historically, the industry’s approach to spinal cord stimulation has been to add device features in an effort to optimize patient treatment.

However, this has resulted in therapy complexity and an exhausting number of choices in treating the subject of pain.


Recently, products have focused on simplicity, resulting in a more consistent approach.

But this consistency has its limitations in support of individual patient optimization over time.

A Balanced Approach to Spinal Cord Stimulation

Pain is personal. Therapy must be versatile to treat the broadest range of patients. The smarter way forward is a balanced approach, providing simplicity through therapy standardization.


A workflow is guidance only. Physicians should use their medical judgment and product labeling to optimize therapy for individual patients, which may require discontinuation or modification of a workflow.