Not all Batteries Are Created Equal

Overdrive™ Battery Technology — Unrivaled Battery Chemistry Performance


Medtronic is the only SCS manufacturer to offer this proprietary, nontraditional lithium ion battery chemistry.

Overdrive™ Battery Technology

  • Faster recharge*
  • Minimal fade*
  • Overdischarge protection
Front view of Medtronic Intellis™ AdaptiveStim device

Intellis Neurostimulator

The Intellis implantable neurostimulator is powered by proprietary Overdrive battery technology.

What could your patients do with more time?


~1 hour
from empty to full

up to
3x faster
than traditional lithium ion batteries*

batteryPatient can recharge
a completely discharged device

more than
battery capacity
at 9 years, independent of therapy parameters or recharge preferences


Improvements made to benefit your patients' needs and comfort

implant icon

Implant depth of up to 3 cm
provides versatility and patient comfort

implant icon

Decreased revisions
due to flipped batteries or over-discharged batteries

implant icon

Meets the demands of current and future workflows including optimization for increased energy demands of HD therapies

Unrivaled Battery Chemistry Performance

Our Overdrive™ battery technology has a proprietary chemistry compared with SCS competitor batteries that are based on conventional Li ion chemistry. Our design allows for rapid recharge with minimal impact to the battery capacity at 9 years of use even with full discharge.

Under daily, empty-to-full charge and discharge testing:

  • Medtronic’s Intellis™ Overdrive™ battery technology maintained 95% of the original capacity at 9 years and 3,200 cycles.1,2
  • The tested Competitor X spinal cord stimulators lost 30% of the capacity after only 3 years and 1,000 cycles.1,2
  • The Intellis™ devices can be recharged in ~1 hour from empty to full vs. up to 4 hours with the tested Competitor X devices.

Thus, patients will have a more consistent recharge interval and faster recharge experience, even under the most aggressive stimulation conditions.

Overdrive Intellis
Manufacturer X

Intellis™ Platform for Spinal Cord Stimulation

The Intellis™ implantable neurostimulator is powered by proprietary Overdrive™ battery technology.

Intellis™ is the unrivaled spinal cord stimulation platform because it overcomes the limitations of other SCS systems.

Intellis Platform - Spinal Cord Stimulation

Chao Hu, et. al. Remaining useful life assessment of lithium-ion batteries in implantable medical devices. Journal of Power Sources. January 31, 2018, Volume 375, pgs118-130.


Data on File.


Compared to traditional lithium ion batteries