CareGuidePro™ SCS patient app

CareGuidePro™ is a patient-centric, educational healthcare app to support your patients on their spinal cord stimulation (SCS) journey, and provides insights on real-world data and long-term outcomes.

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Using the CareGuideProTM app

See how the CareGuidePro™ app can help your patients be more informed and better equipped in proceeding with SCS therapy.

The CareGuideProTM app for greater patient insights

CareGuidePro™ offers seamless patient engagement, potentially creating a better patient experience and practice efficiency.

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Educational resources

CareGuidePro™ is an ultimate resource on SCS therapy, providing your patients with information they need all in one place, for easy access at any time. 

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Real-world data collection

Patients will receive surveys before and during the trial to track their daily progress. They will receive a baseline pain survey and a PROMIS-29 survey that will help gauge the success of their SCS trial. It’s a secure way to track their daily progress, following HIPAA guidelines. 

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Outcome reports

CareGuidePro™ also provides patient-reported outcomes and feedback providing progress updates during the trial and post-implant.

Real Patients. Real Insights.

  • CareGuidePro™ app generates a report using data entered by your patient. Review it with your patient at the appointment and use it to guide an insight-driven conversation.
  • Paper diaries can be cumbersome and often times not completed. That’s why the CareGuidePro™ app offers a convenient and easy way for patients to track their outcomes.
  • The patient-reported outcomes measurement information system™ (PROMIS™) survey is a standard tool to measure and validate patient reported outcomes (PROs), comprised of 29 questions to assess pain intensity and seven health domains. This allows you to dive deeper in your patients' overall reported outcomes.

       - Pain intensity and interference
       - Fatigue
       - Sleep disturbance
       - Physical function
       - Depression
       - Anxiety
       - Social participation

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Get patients started with CareGuideProTM

Contact a local Medtronic spinal cord stimulation representative to get your patients enrolled in CareGuidePro™.

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CareGuidePro™ patient feedback survey data, January 2023.