Residents and Fellows programs education and training

Build an extraordinary career restoring patient lives
with specialized education in spine, cranial, and
advanced technologies for neurological and
orthopaedic surgeons.

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Career making.

Explore opportunities to transform patient care and outcomes with education that’s tailored to your educational journey. 

The Medtronic Residents and Fellows Programs offer convenient and tailored learning experiences from the brightest minds in the industry. Play the video to chart your course.

  Spine, cranial, and medical technology learning options

Spine procedures

Gain insights from experts on spine and biologics products and technologies from degenerative to complex procedures.

Cranial procedures

Discover cranial advancements in imaging, navigation, and robotics with cutting-edge instruments and workflow efficiencies.

Advanced technology

Explore the benefits of robotics, navigation, and surgical planning in a single platform.

  Faculty, residents, and fellows testimonials

“I actually learn a lot from what other people do, so it becomes a really good reciprocal exchange of information and education.”

“These experiences have not only given me the opportunity to teach others but also [for] others to teach me and keep my skills sharp.”

- Sharad Rajpal, M.D. 

“For me, [this program] was a really integral component to the evolution of my practice.” 

“It’s investing in your professional growth ... picking up new techniques and employing them in a space that’s safe and good for patients.”

- Kathryn McCarthy, M.D. 

“This program gives you the tools to network and allows you to critically think about how to start and pay attention to education and training throughout your career.”

“It really helped me to promote my career along the way, and my patients benefit as well.“

- Jeffrey Gum, M.D. 

From robotics and artificial intelligence, to cutting-edge surgical techniques, minimally invasive procedures, and the business side of medicine, Medtronic offers learning experiences to fit your needs and your busy schedule.


Digital courses

Webinars, videos, and online learning options that fit your schedule.


Live programs

Classes and conferences provide in-person learning with knowledgeable instructors. 


On-demand content

Choose when, where, and how you receive your education. 

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