Surgical navigation
and imaging

Predictability. Efficiency. Control.

Imagine what you can do with a fully connected surgical suite.

Introducing AiBLE™

AiBLE™ brings together our planning, navigation, imaging, and electrical surgical equipment to empower your operating room (OR).

Spine procedure planning

Visualize and plan alignment and implant placement to achieve the desired correction before you enter the OR.

Spine procedure planning technologies give you intuitive tools to prepare for even your most challenging cases. 

Surgeon using Mazor™ X Stealth Edition pre-operative planning software on laptop.

Spinal navigation

Explore the capabilities of StealthStation™, our most powerful surgical navigation technology for spinal procedures.

StealthStation™ S8 in cranial surgery

Surgical imaging
for spine

Get enhanced 2-D and 3-D images with enhanced visibility and surgical feedback. Explore the O-arm™ imaging system, designed to complement your surgical workflow.

Tilted O-arm™ imaging system