FAQ Percutaneous Tibial Neuromodulation (PTNM)

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Why do I need to request access to an account?

You will need a Medtronic account to access the NURO ecommerce website where you can order a NURO device, purchase therapy packages, and set up recurring orders. We process requests within 2 days and will send you a confirmation email letting you know when you can log in.

How do I log in?

Click here to log in.

I forgot my user name or password. How do I reset my password?

Your user name is the email address you used to request access. You can reset your password here.

How do I order a NURO device?

Once you have an account, you can order your NURO device, as well as therapy packages and supplies, from the My Devices page on this website. Log in to go to your My Devices page.

Can I order more than one NURO device?

Yes. For each NURO device that you order, we will ask you to accept the product placement agreement. Then you can log in to order another NURO device.

Does the NURO device come with all needed supplies and accessories?

Shipped with your NURO device will be a wall charger and a USB cable. Therapy packages are ordered separately from the My Devices page on this website.

Will I need to renew my product placement agreement after a certain length of time?

No, once you accept the agreement, it will remain valid while the NURO device is in your possession.

I need management to review and accept the product placement agreement. What do I do?

Management will need to create a NURO account and accept the agreement online. View the agreement.

What is a therapy package?

A NURO therapy package includes 1 therapy session and 1 therapy session kit. Once purchased, the therapy session can be loaded from the NURO website to your NURO device; the therapy session kit is shipped via 2-day delivery to your specified location.

What is included in a therapy session kit?

Each therapy session kit contains 2 sterile needles, a needle holder, a ground pad, and two alcohol pads.

How do I order an additional wall charger and USB cable?

You can order these supplemental items from the My Devices page on the NURO website.

How can I order additional therapy session kits?

You can order additional kits from the My Devices page on the NURO website.

Can I order therapy sessions without the kit?

No. Therapy sessions are offered as part of the therapy package.

How do I return my NURO device?

Log into your account and click on "Order History." Click on the order number for the NURO device and on the order detail page you can access the return form. Go to Order History. Refer to the product placement agreement for terms.

Can I return therapy packages for credit?

Purchases of therapy packages are final. Refer to the terms of sale that appear when you place an order for a therapy session package.

How do I order NURO in Puerto Rico?

Ordering NURO online is not currently available in Puerto Rico.

To place an order call:
787-294-3540 x3557

For support with placed orders, activating, syncing, or managing your NURO devices call:
787-294-3540 x3555

Note: once the device has the sessions loaded, they cannot be removed or refunded.