SUPPORT PROGRAM Percutaneous Tibial Neuromodulation (PTNM)

Keep your patients on track with Support Link

When you and your patients sign up for Support Link™, we’ll send patients weekly emails and call them at specific intervals during their 12-week journey.

There is no fee to participate in this program. All that is required is for you to register your practice and capture consent from each patient receiving PTNM.

Support Link helps:

  • Document progress, encourage patients, and manage their expectations
  • Increase the likelihood of patients completing the 12-week therapy
  • Answer high-level, non-clinical questions about PTNM and sacral neuromodulation (SNM)
  • Patients understand the OAB advanced therapy pathway

Through Support Link, you can choose to receive additional services for your office, including:

  • Physician portal that gives you secure, real-time access to patient information, collected during Support Link calls
  • Quarterly patient support reports—snapshots of your enrolled patients’ latest PTNM information

How to participate in Support Link

To receive these benefits, the first step is to enroll your clinic in the program.

Each patient must opt-in to the Support Link program. Your role is to:

  • Identify appropriate candidates for PTNM
  • Capture patient consent and fax the signed form or scan and send via email