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How the InterStim™ systems work

With the InterStim™ systems, the implanted neurostimulator and lead stimulate the sacral nerve. Evidence suggests that this may restore neural communication between the bladder and brain and between the bowel and brain.4,5 Unlike oral medications that target the muscular component of bladder control, the InterStim™ systems offer symptom control through direct modulation of nerve activity.4,5

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SureScan™ MRI technology
Trusted technology allows patients to receive full-body MRI*


InterStim™ smart programmer
A powerful and intuitive programming platform


InterStim™ basic evaluation
Advanced technology to let patients explore the therapy 

The most common adverse events experienced during clinical studies include pain at implant sites, new pain, lead migration, infection, technical or device problems, adverse change in bowel or voiding function, and undesirable stimulation or sensations. Any of these may require additional surgery or cause return of symptoms.

Complications can occur with the evaluation, including tissue damage, infection, and technical problems with the device. Patients should be instructed on operating the programmer and given precautions related to the evaluation.

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Under certain conditions. See approved labeling for details. Patients with InterStim™ SureScan™ MRI leads only.


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Medtronic InterStim Therapy Clinical Summary (2018).


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