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Post these Bladder Health Month messages and graphics on your social media pages during the month of November to promote bladder health awareness. Download and save the image to your device and then upload to your social channel.  Copy the post text and use it with the image to create your post.

jpg Bladder Health Month Make Bladder Health A Priority Share Image (.jpg)

November is Bladder Health Awareness Month and a great reminder to make our health a priority. Millions of people experience issues such as leaks and the sudden need to go. While bladder symptoms are common, they are not normal. Learn more:


jpg Bladder Health Month Control Problems Statistics Share Image (.jpg)

November is Bladder Health Awareness Month. Millions of people experience bladder symptoms such as leaks and the need to go all the time. While common, these bladder issues aren’t normal. What's more, most people can achieve relief through treatment. Learn how you can improve your bladder health:


jpg Bladder Health Month Make Bladder Health A Priority Facebook Share Image (.jpg)

November is Bladder Health Awareness Month and a great opportunity to make your health a priority. Even if bladder medications didn’t work for your #OveractiveBladder, there are options that may provide relief. Learn more:


jpg Bladder Health Month Give Control Another Chance Share Image (.jpg)

Your #OveractiveBladder can’t wait. November is Bladder Health Awareness Month and a great opportunity to learn how you can achieve relief from your symptoms, even if bladder medications didn’t work for you. Learn more:



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