MyJourney™ app


The industry's first digital diary
and education app for SNM therapy.

The answers patients need

  • When questions arise, the MyJourney™ app answers. The app provides patients timely, personalized information before, during and after their evaluation and implant procedure.

  • When your patients leave your office, help them remember what you talked about. The MyJourney™ app lets them review key information whenever they need it.

The data you want

  • The MyJourney™ app generates a simple report using data entered by your patient. Review it prior to an appointment and use it to guide an insight-driven conversation.

  • Paper diaries can be cumbersome. That’s why the MyJourney™ app offers a convenient, easy, and discreet way for patients to track their symptoms.

Sample MyJourney™ app evaluation report

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