Follow Your Heart With App-connected Heart Devices

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How the  MyCareLink Heart™ Mobile App Works with Your Heart Device 

Your heart device uses BlueSync™ technology to provide heart health information to your clinic from the convenience of your mobile device.

Follow Your Heart, Wherever Life Takes You

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The App

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Stay Connected To Your Physician

  • Send heart device data to your clinic using your own mobile device.
  • Your physician may receive notifications of clinically important events as recorded by your heart device.
  • Your clinic can regularly monitor your heart device, including receiving alerts if specific changes are recorded in your heart device.

See Your Heart and Device Information

  • View your physical activity and answers to top questions about living with a heart device.
  • Track your symptoms, weight, heart rate, and blood pressure.

Convenience From Anywhere

  • With Medtronic app-connected heart devices, you can securely access information about your device and heart health via an app on your smartphone or tablet, wherever you go.
  • Easily access select data about your heart device, your remote monitoring status, and your clinic.

Patient Journey

Remote monitoring is an important part of your doctor and clinic staying connected to your device.

Patient Testimonials

Hear from MyCareLink Heart mobile app patients.

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Sarah's Testimonial

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Samantha's Testimonial

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App-connected Heart Monitor for Suspected Arrhythmias

Please consult your physician for more information about remote monitoring and programming options for event transmissions. Important safety information as well as a list of compatible devices can be found at To stay connected with your clinic, be sure your mobile device and software are current with the latest updates. For successful transmissions, Wi-Fi or data access is required.

Note: Data input here stays on your phone; it does not get sent to your clinic.