Introducing the first app-connected pacemakers*

What if your smartphone or tablet could make your life with a pacemaker easier?

  • With the Medtronic app-connected pacemakers, you can securely access information about your pacemaker and heart health via an app on your smartphone or tablet, wherever you go.
  • Your clinic can regularly monitor your pacemaker, including receiving alerts if specific changes are recorded in your pacemaker.
  • Your physician may also receive notifications of clinically important events as recorded by your pacemaker.

Follow your heart, wherever life takes you.

Please consult your physician for more information about remote monitoring and programming options for event transmissions. Important Safety Information as well as a list of compatible devices can be found at To stay connected with your clinic, be sure your mobile device and software are current with the latest updates. For successful transmissions, Wi-Fi or data access is required.

Image of MyCareLink Heart Mobile App on phone with Azure and Percepta devices also pictured

App features

With the MyCareLink Heart mobile app, you can:


Clinic Illustration

Send pacemaker data to your clinic using your own mobile device — wherever you go.

Hands on tablet, interacting illustration

Easily access select data about your pacemaker, remote monitoring status, and your clinic.

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View your physical activity and answers to top questions about living with a pacemaker.

Magnifying glass to view symptoms illustration

Track your symptoms, weight, heart rate, and blood pressure.

Please keep your mobile device and software current to stay connected to your clinic. To stay connected to your clinic, be sure your mobile device and software are current with the latest updates. For successful transmissions, Wi-Fi or data access is required.

Note: Data input here stays on your phone; it does not get sent to your clinic.

Talk with your doctor about whether a Medtronic app-connected pacemaker is right for you.

Click below to download the app and check mobile device compatibility.

Patient Profiles

Image of patient hugging husband from behind

Family First

She puts family first and enjoys a busy social life. Her app-connected pacemaker enables her to continue living life the way she wants to. Her pacemaker is connected to an app on her smartphone, ensuring she is closely connected to the things that matter to her most: her health, family, and friends.

Portrait image of African female patient

Reluctant Techie

She isn’t confident with technology. But the app on her smartphone was so easy to install, Techie didn’t even have to ask for help. Her app-connected pacemaker provides her with peace of mind and a feeling of safety — knowing her clinic is informed if anything unexpected should happen with her heart.

Portrait image of Asian male patient

Active Explorer

Life’s an adventure. He likes to stay active, and his new app-connected pacemaker doesn’t stop him. Connected to an app on his phone, this is something new to explore and embrace. He trusts technology to keep him informed and securely connected to his pacemaker.

Image of patients interacting with mobile phones

Global Traveler

Life is all about making the right connections. He loves traveling the world with his wife, and his app-connected pacemaker enables him to maintain this lifestyle. He feels safe, secure, and has a sense of freedom — knowing he is connected to his clinic and heart information wherever he may be.


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